Richie Bags – The Pioneers Of Eco-Friendly Bags In India

This is where sustainability, traditions, and utility come together in what we envision and make of it.

In addition to being a leading jute bag manufacturer in India, we are a hub of the finest eco-bags featuring transcending quality and exceptional artisan culture.

Richie Bags’ journey began in 1996 when its founders, Mr. R. B. Lahoti and Mr. N. K. Binani, identified the sustainable potential of jute and cotton bags. By creating unique eco-bags and accessories, we dreamt of expanding the Indian jute bag market on the global map. We started as a jute and cotton bag manufacturer and business-to-business supplier, then progressively introduced new products like recycled bags, personalized promotional bags, stylish fashion bags, beach bags, and tote bags. and finally entered the export market.

We have exported our bags, accessories, and several other eco-friendly products to countries like Japan, Italy, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA. Over the years, we have created strong business connections in over 35 countries. Our obsession for quality and innovative design dynamics accompanied us in achieving our goal of establishing Richie Bags as an internationally acclaimed eco-bag manufacturer. Thus, the dream of a sustainable tomorrow seems like a reality today.

Richie Bags has made some of the pioneering movements in the jute bag industry. We use the finest quality of sustainable materials and refrain from using toxic chemical dyes or other possibly hazardous components in our manufacturing process. To assist you in developing one-of-a-kind items that adhere to your brand’s concept, we have in-house graphic design departments, product designing specialists, and an expert team.

Sustainability And Eco-Friendliness – Our Motto “The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” – Ernest Hemingway

We at Richie Bags want to start a movement to normalize sustainable living. To do this, we worked closely to transform how consumers use bags day-to-day. This conviction inspires us to create attractive jute and cotton bags by instilling functional style statements and fashionable utility that people can use every day, find comfort and do so without any guild of damaging the environment.

Our goal is to save the environment. And to accomplish that we have taken pioneering initiatives in terms of how we move further from being an eco-bags manufacturer. It is not limited to working with sustainable textiles, we can do more.

We have devised unique production procedures, taken our corporate social responsibilities to a new height, and developed a sustainable ecosystem within our organization, where we recognize the importance of lowering carbon footprints and encouraging our customers to live up to it.

Why Choose Richie Bags

We Are A Jute Bags Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Exporter Who Make Sustainable Dreams Come True

100% Eco-friendly: We manufacture our bags and accessories using organic cotton and jute and AZO-free natural dyes. We are compliant with CPSIA and REACH. By choosing a Riche Bags product, you will make a better choice for the environment.

Recyclable Bags: The idea behind a recyclable shopping bag is that it can be used repeatedly before disposing of. By choosing Richie Bags you will be one step closer to reducing waste.

Fashion Forward: Along with being eco-friendly, our bags are also on par with the latest styles and trends. We have in-house product designers and fashion experts to give you professional backup to design and develop dynamic eco bags that are loved by all.

Value-Driven & Cost-Efficient: We have purposefully developed practical price models to give you a cost-efficient and value-driven supply chain. Start your own business, switch to eco-friendly packaging or create an eco-friendly fashion bag collection. You can make it!

SGS Certified & SEDEX Member: Our qualifications and credentials serve as a testament to our dedication to ethical business practices and social compliance and the welfare of the planet Earth.

Multi-purpose: Cotton and jute bags aren’t made to serve only one purpose. In fact, they are multi-purpose. For example, you can easily use handbags for other purposes instead of shopping.

Our Production Principles and Workforce

Richie Bags manufacturing facility is run by a dynamic and intelligent production ecosystem where we tend to give our customers a one-stop solution for production and delivery, and also maintain an approachable work culture within the organization.

We have separate departments for product designing, cutting & stitching, graphic designing, product styling, dyeing, and printing, as well as packaging and logistics units. Our strong workforce comprises over 100 committed artisans, an internal product design team, and our graphic designers who perfect the digital artworks. We have digital and screen printing facilities to enable our customers to put up high-quality designs at par excellence.

Our staff is equally important to us as are our clients. With a streamlined, flexible, and ethical working environment we at Richie Bags have maintained a flawless production process since the beginning, where we work as one force and deliver only the best products and services.

We produce eco-bags with the highest degree of sustainable practices. We use jute and cotton textiles that are REACH and CPSIA compliant, as well as AZO-free dyes. Richie Bags also has an SGS certification and is a member of SEDEX for SA 8000. We do not employ underage workers in any department. We compensate each worker according to standard market rates along with additional benefits as part of our CSR.

Our ability to keep happy customers is stronger when we have a happy workforce, which is why we have a customer retention rate of over 90%!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Our mission is to create unique, ethical, and sustainable bags and accessories that can encourage people everywhere to reuse, reduce, and recycle on a larger scale. We are on a mission to demonstrate the value and beauty of the finest golden fiber, Indian jute, as well as cotton, canvas, and hessian, to the entire world. By offering top-notch goods and fostering a customer-centric, integrated supply chain that is always prepared to meet industry-specific market demands, we hope to strengthen our worldwide business relationships.

Our Vision
We envision setting an example with our biodegradable, organic, cruelty-free, and ultra-modern bags to encourage people to choose more eco-conscious items for their daily needs. We believe it is our responsibility to bring green living closer to the common people and revitalize their perception of goodness and luxury. We keep looking for innovative methods and technologies for production, promotion, and processes that will maximize our respect for the people and the planet.

Our Founders

Mr. R. B. Lahoti &
Mr. N. K. Binani

Co-Founders, Richie Bags Pvt. Ltd.

A Message From Our Founders:

Since our inception in 1996, and across two and a half decades Richie Bags have developed as a pioneering jute bags manufacturer and exporter. But we still have a long way to go. We started Richie Bags with a dream and a hope, to empower and revitalize the concept of sustainability to break away from social and conventional shackles and be a part of our life, easily, economically, stylishly, and consistently.

We have achieved remarkable success in this endeavor. However, even after all this time, we are just getting started. As we have done our part and will continue to do so, we also need your help in making a full circle. We need you to choose eco-bags over single-use plastic bags, choose to reuse, recycle and reduce. Choose life. Choose sustainability.

Our Business Policy

At Richie Bags, our business policy is built on the pillars of honesty, integrity, commitment, and loyalty. We make things better with our undivided attention to detail and passion for innovation.

✔ Honesty: – In the world of business, we have always given the priority to honesty. We have always provided genuine products to our customers with transparent business processes, price models, and ethics.

✔ Integrity: – Our manufacturing procedures involve world-class quality. We use premium grades of materials, dyes, and production processes. Every product comes through multi-level QA testing before reaching the customer.

✔Commitment: We always make on-time deliveries. With the help of our smart management teams and trained staff, we always live up to deadlines and targets set by the client. In all these years, we have never missed a beat.

✔ Loyalty: We always believe in maintaining a good relationship with our customers. Our loyalty doesn’t come in the form of promises, but rather our past credentials and our actions speak volumes. We keep the client’s personal information and intellectual property safe. We maintain a straightforward business policy where the client knows and understands everything. We give each client undivided attention regardless of the size of their order.

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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