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Back Packs

Explore our jaw dropping back packs bags which you can carry wherever you endeavor to venture around. Manufactured with Cotton and Jute fabrics, our backpacks cater to the universal requirements of both men and women. Our bags come in numerous sizes and styles, where both Cotton and Jute made bags are available. Beginning with color to that of its feature and trendy way of handling, our backpacks are rare, and it is yet to be explored. These bags are spacious and very convenient to use. You can safely put all your belongings inside it with utmost ease.

Apart from our great selection of jute and cotton backpacks, we have Classic Backpacks of polyester material. Featuring adjustable padded shoulder straps, these are easy and comfortable to carry. Multi-purpose in nature, it’s spacious enough to accommodate your belongings. You can find two compartments- the main one and a pocket with a concealed zipper.  

We have various other styles in bags to accompany you when you travel and leave you spoilt for choices. One such trendy variant is the duffel bag. While the Barrel Duffel Bag, cylindrical in shape, makes it incredibly easy for you to stuff your belongings easily in its single-zipper main compartment; the Colour Accent Club Duffel bag impresses users with two large side pockets at each side of the main compartment for added space.

Other innovative designs are noticeable in Budget Fanny Pack and the Document Bag. The prior, also known as a belt bag, is completely handsfree, spacious and a practical solution to tuck away the most essential travel items. The latter, on the contrary, is best suited to serve the needs of businessmen or office workers, for carrying important documents, notebooks, stationery items etc. Keep your office essentials organised in our slim briefcases and enjoy your corporate life!

Back packs