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World Population Day — Why Is It Important to Observe? Insights by Richie Bags

Humans are acknowledged as being the most “intelligent species” on earth. Humanity has the ultimate power to save the planet in several ways. Yet human population is a threat to the planet. Why? Because it has also been the cause of plummeting several wild species, climate change, marine pollution and deforestation. Sometimes “saving the planet”

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World Environment Day: Promoting Sustainability with Jute Bags

Almost everyone in the 21st century is well aware of the negative impact that single-use plastic bags have on the environment. As the impact keeps growing every day, eco-friendly bag manufacturers have brought forth a sustainable alternative. At this very juncture, jute bags have come to our rescue. They have become a choice like no

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Preserving Nature with Eco-Friendly Bags: A Tribute on the International Day for Biological Diversity

In the 21st century when global warming and climate crisis are reigning supreme, it has become the need of the hour to look for sustainable alternatives to everyday products. Of all the concerning areas, the one that bothers us the most is the use of plastic bags, which contributes significantly to pollution and harms our

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International Day of Plant Health: Encouraging a Healthier Ecosystem With Our Natural Jute Bags

In the raging environmental movement of the 21st century, most people prefer natural jute bags over plastic ones. Plastic has a negative impact on the environment. Jute, on the contrary, is a natural resource that offers numerous practical advantages. In addition to bags, it is used in the production of rugs, carpets, baskets, mats, and

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Go Eco-Friendly With Jute Bags This Earth Day!

With the rise of plastics and other harmful materials nowadays, it is important to raise awareness about the various harms that plastic and other such products pose to our environment with each passing day. Choosing eco-friendly and sustainable products is one of the major ways to control this damage. This Earth Day, let us take

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Celebrating World Heritage Day 2024 With Natural Jute Bags

World Heritage Day brings us closer to the importance and advantages of cultural heritage and why we need to preserve it more consciously. Technically, it is a day focused on monuments and sites, like the Taj Mahal and Ajanta Caves. We at Richie Bags, however, see it as a day to appreciate all kinds of

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Making World Forestry Day Special With A Jute Beach Bag

On the occasion of World Forestry Day, which we celebrated recently on May 21st, we at Richie Bags planned some internal events with our staff and patrons to make this day special.   This year, the theme was: is ‘Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World.” We observed the theme by distributing a

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World Water Day 2024: A Celebration Across Continents

Held on 22 March every year, World Water Day is a celebration that goes beyond festivities; it’s about honoring the lifeblood of our planet – water. It is a yearly UN Observance that raises awareness of the value of freshwater and promotes sustainable utilization of freshwater resources. A core focus of this occasion is to

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International Women’s Day

International days and weeks are celebrations for educating the masses on certain concerning issues and aim at the mobilization of political will and resources to address these problems. Celebrating gender equality and focusing on women’s well-being is crucial for creating a prosperous economy. However, we are now facing a key challenge! There is an upsetting

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Commemorating International Mother Language Day in 2024 by Observing The Language of Sustainability

International Mother Language Day is a day to observe and inspire the power of language, inclusion and fighting for culture.   Proclaimed by UNESCO, the day is observed to commemorate a very special incident that took place in Bangladesh on the same day in 1952. It is one of the most gallant face-offs and a

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