Month: November 2015

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Save This Earth, Use Eco Friendly Products To Reduce Carbon Emission

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Carbon emission equates to release or spreading of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon, incidentally, is a non-metal having two primary forms, such as diamond and graphite, which also occurs in the form of coal, charcoal and soot. Technically speaking, carbon emission means greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions that cause climate change, mostly referring to global

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Why use Jute Bags/ products

Post By: Robot Smith 8 Comments 12 likes

Happily enough, we have now learnt the evil effects of synthetic products in our lives and so have turned to natural or organic products that do not cause harm to the human body. That’s precisely why we now opt for organic food that’s free of synthetic fertilizers, hybrid or green vehicles that leaves minor carbon


Our area of specialization is not just limited to bags but plenty of other jute and cotton products..

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