Month: May 2016

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An Interesting Conversation Piece

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Biodegradable jute and cotton gift bags are currently quite popular with all sections of people that include individuals and corporate top guns alike. The issue came up for discussion in a friendly gathering the other day.  Said the host pouring a soft drink for one of her guests, “Whenever I visit Goa for a short

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Perseverance Pays Off in the Long Run

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now viewing Perseverance Pays Off in the Long Run May 5, 2016 richie World Environment Day 2021 And An Eco-Friendly Bag- What Does Ecosystem Restoration Really Means To Us May 5, 2016 richie Earth Day 2021: Cultivate An Eco-Friendly Bag Habit To Live Toxic-Free & Leave A Minimal Footprint Behind May 5, 2016 richie How

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