Month: April 2018

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Richie Bags’ Worries Have Come to an end – Plastic Waste no more Creates a Problem

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Men at the helm of affairs at Richie Bags and Fashions Pvt. Ltd., globally recognized manufacturer of jute and cotton handbags had all along been expressing their worries about the colossal collection of plastic carry bags that have choked our oceans and polluted the land mass. Since the discarded once used plastic carry bags can

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Yet Another Plastic Menace Appearing High On The Horizon

Post By: Robot Smith 8 Comments 12 likes

Even before the massive warfare launched by the directors of Richie Bags and Fashion P. Ltd and others against use of plastic carry bags almost a decade ago to prevent plastic poisoning and resultant harm to humanity could take full effect, another plastic menace is appearing high on the horizon. While the planet’s land surface

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