Month: December 2019

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Understanding Pollution With Richie Bags – Where We Are, And What We Must Do

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Pollution is an elementary subject. Even 2 decades ago, children would start their academic careers with colourful science books including the chapter, “Our Environment” that spoke of the trees, water and atmosphere. Today, even that chapter is not free of Pollution. Scientifically, pollution is identified as “environmental contaminants”, which is one of the greatest global

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The UN Believes Climate Change Can Best Be Tackled By Cutting Down Air Pollution

Post By: Robot Smith 8 Comments 12 likes

When cutting down greenhouse gases was turning out to be an uphill task for countries around the world, the UN suggested cleaning up of air for restoring public health and fighting the burgeoning problem of ‘climate change’. And, the same is surprisingly showing positive outcomes for a change as revealed by the UN officials. UNEP’s

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