Month: June 2020

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Let World Environment Day 2020 Be The Year Of Biodiversity & Climate Change

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“Our house is on fire,” Greta Thunberg, Swedish activist, said at the beginning of 2019.With global temperatures hitting a record high and the number of endangered species rising rapidly, she urged leaders worldwide to tackle the runaway global warming. 2020 is gradually shaping up to be a crucial year for the environment. Everyone believes it:

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Cyclone Amphan: Just A Natural Disaster Or A Lesson To Be Learned?

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The Bay of Bengal has long been the favourable breeding ground of tropical cyclones. On 19th May 2020, a super cyclone barrelled up the Bay of Bengal, heading for a swampy street along the India-Bangladesh order. Amphan hit West Bengal and Odisha at the crisis time when countries worldwide are fighting the outbreak of COVID-19.

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