Month: May 2023

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Wake-Up Call: EEA Reveals 1200 Young Lives Succumb to Air Pollution in Europe Each Year

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According to a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), air pollution causes the death of more than 1200 children and teenagers in Europe annually. Additionally, it greatly raises the risk of developing ailments later in life. Despite recent improvements, the EEA reported that numerous European nations’ critical air pollution levels stubbornly remain above

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The Fast Fashion Epidemic: How Non-Biodegradable Clothing Is Hurting the Planet and People

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Did you know that the fashion industry has recently been under scrutiny for its impact on the environment? Fast fashion is a major contributor to the global crisis of non-biodegradable textile waste that’s rapidly deteriorating the environment. The fact that the fashion industry produces roughly 10% of yearly global carbon emissions – more than all

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