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Biodegradable jute and cotton gift bags are currently quite popular with all sections of people that include individuals and corporate top guns alike. The issue came up for discussion in a friendly gathering the other day.  Said the host pouring a soft drink for one of her guests, “Whenever I visit Goa for a short break, I make it a point to take along my jute Beach bag  while filling it with things that I need on the beach.


The tête-à-tête was slightly interrupted when a new guest had arrived and the host had to answer the door and escort her into the large living room. However, her enthusiasm in describing what she preferred mostly on the beach knew no bounds as she fondly listed the goods she packed in her Beach Bag. This time we all listened with rapt attention about the contents of her jute Beach bag she loved to carry and use on the Dona Paula Beach which happens to be one of the finest spots in Goa. “You know”, she continued in her enthusiastic tone, “I have stitched up a few more pockets in my Beach bag that has been made by a globally recognized manufacturer known as Richie bags to carry a few essential items that include emergency medical items such as a small vial of antiseptics, medications that prevent travel sickness and of course a an extremely useful gift item known as  Personal Purifier made and marketed by AQUAGUARD that can turn ordinary water into perfectly pure drinking water.”


“But what makes you stick to your jute beach Bag instead of other types of bags such as plastic bag or leather bag?”

quipped one of the guests while the host was in the middle of the conversation. Nevertheless, she didn’t lose her composure and openly declared that she was dead against using any plastic consumer item as the material is harmful for humans while it contaminates the environment in a disastrous way. Jute and cotton, on the other hand, she affirmed, are bio-degradable, naturally occurring materials that do not pollute the earth or the oceans that plastic (bags and containers) is doing in a massive scale now. As for leather or any other types of bags that are made from synthetic materials, these tend to get distorted while coming in contact with  the salty air prevailing on sea shores, while jute bags remain unaffected by the presence of salt in the air.


By this time, we became pretty much interested in products made by the venerable lady’s chosen favorite company, aka Richie Bags becoming ever more eager to glean much about it. “Since I am so satisfied about their product”, she added “that I have collected all details of the company by way of visiting their website, and as you all seem to be so keen about knowing their secrets, I have no other option than to reveal all to you.”


“Trendy jute and cotton bags manufactured and marketed by Richie bags, a globally recognized industrial venture are widely acclaimed by overseas consumers and are exported to more than twenty five world countries that include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.A.   In fact, their jute and cotton carry bags are ardently indented by leading overseas importers, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic goods manufacturers and distributors, books and periodicals publishers, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, wineries and a host of MNCs that buy promotional Tote Bags in bulk quantity for marketing purposes.”. “By the way”, she added, the company also produces a mighty array of jute and cotton fancy bags, other than Beach bags, such as Lady’s fancy Carry bags, Cosmetic bags, Wine bags and many more. “


“I have also come to learn”, exclaimed the host, “that they participate regularly in overseas Trade Fairs not just to display their products , but to familiarize their visitors with the harmful effects that are associated with the use of  polypropylene or plastic hand bags. Nevertheless, both I and my husband had visited their stall at 3C-B11 & 13 Hall in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair during 27-30 April this year, an event that provided immense enjoyment for both of us.

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