Barbara had a Row with Rachel……

Barbara had a row with Rachel over the selection of a gift item for friend Michel’s birthday which happened to coincide with US Independence Day, 4th July.. “Lucky girl”, quipped Rachel, “Michel would be happily enjoying her birthday when the whole country would be rejoicing with her on the blissful occasion when, years ago, the Continental Congress had declared that the “thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and no longer a part of the British Empire.”

However, the teenagers had to come to a decision about choosing the gift sooner as June was almost coming to an end and they had to attend a lot of parties, celebrating the National Day.


Where is the hassle?

“Since we have already consented about presenting her with a trendy Burlap Bag made and marketed by Richie Bags, a globally recognised company that exports its products to more than twenty-five world countries, then where is the hassle” wondered Barbara in a vocal outburst. “It’s not the brand that bothered us, silly girl”, reminded Rachel, “but the style that would suit our friend was the prime issue” she concluded.


Why not a Beach Bag?

“For instance” Rachel rejoined, “You had opted for a Beach Bag for Michel who prefers long drives than going to sea shores where such an item becomes totally redundant. Don’t you remember she refused to come with us when we all went to Panama City Beach, Florida for a short holiday” she reminisced.

“Well then, let’s visit the manufacturer’s website once again to select something else” suggested Barbara while at the same time they poured over Richie Bags product page, forgetting about the cup of coffee that had already become cold and tasteless.

But this where both the girls ran into a mess as they felt flabbergasted, leafing through a vast array of images depicting numerous Burlap Bags, each vying with another to attract the attention of the viewer.


How about a Tote Bag?

“Let’s go for a Tote Bag, jumped up Barbara, triumphantly pointing at the colorful image of a cute looking hand bag. However, her ardor was soon dampened by Rachel who reminded her that these are commonly distributed by retailers free of cost to attract loyal customers.


Better go for a Cosmetic Bag

“Why not choose a Cosmetic Bag for Michel” hinted Rachel, “since she is so crazy about her body sprays, eye shadows, lipsticks, sun tan lotions and a host of cosmetics she loves to carry around whenever she is out for a spin?”


A Drawstring Bag would suit the occasion best

“Not a bad idea” agreed Barbara, “However, I would prefer choosing a Drawstring Bag for her since she appears to be so very careless about carrying her diamond studded broaches and other precious items while on the go.” “A drawstring hand bag will at least ensure the safekeeping of her pricey adornments each time she visits her distant cousins or close friends living in another city or town,” she added.

However, their ham-fisted research had to come to a close as lunch was served and they were scheduled to visit one of their dear friends recovering from a surgery in a city hospital that maintained strict visiting hours.



Even though each and every Richie Bags product bears the signature of world-class superiority and enduring user experience, one has to use discretion when choosing a product as a gift for someone. It involves, among others, the likes and dislikes of the person for whom the gift is selected; his/her professional or academic pursuits, age, mental makeup and preferences. Unless these issues are fully considered, the purpose behind the giving the gift is practically lost.

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