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Middle aged Malavika Khanna from Kolkata, now well settled in Singapore (Searngoon Road, Little India) pays visit to the City of Joy every year before  the Holi to buy gift items for her numerous friends and relations living in Singapore. This time, however, we made it a point to ask her the basic reasons for settling down in Singapore for good.


Mrs. Khanna made no bones about making her choice. “The first thing that struck me,” she said, “is safety”. “The country is well-policed and very safe for women. Unlike many other places in Asia, personal safety in Singapore is hundred percent OK. Sometimes, after my grandson has gone to sleep, I go for a late night stroll at one in the morning and come back home after buying milk or bread”.


However, there are cultural ethnic areas in Singapore such as Little India and Chinatown …. But the fact is that these concepts are mostly created for the tourists rather than people like us who have chosen to live here permanently. For instance, Orchard Road is mall & shopping center, but I find more tourists shopping there than locals like us.”


“Singapore’s passion for shopping”, she added, “nearly rivals its obsession with food, and hardly a year goes by without a vast new shopping mall opening its doors. Prices could be higher than in Malaysia and Thailand, but Singapore beats its neighborhood countries for sheer convenience and other facilities. And there is always that craze for something new as well as any eco-friendly consumer item.”


Since by now we had learnt whatever worth knowing about Singapore, we zeroed in on figuring out the type of gift items she wanted to buy this time. A beaming Malavika Khanna instantly opened her heart and confessed that her current trip to Kolkata not only concerned gift items for friends but also to buy bulk quantity of trendy jute and cotton bags for resale in Singapore.

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“People are crazy now about biodegradable consumer goods,” she admitted, “and there is no reason why they would not go for fashionable jute and cotton Beach Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Wine Bags and similar items that are made by globally recognized Richie Bags of Kolkata. Besides, shoppers from all over the world come to Singapore to buy consumer goods. ”


Evidently she had visited the company’s website and selected the items that would sell well in Singapore. Apparently, the company has already introduced the products in Hong Kong via world famous Hong Kong Trade Fairs and so sales in Singapore would be automatically boosted. What’s more, she also knew that Richie Bags products are already in demand in many overseas countries that include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA.


Coffee and sandwiches consumed, we bade adieu to her, wishing her success in the new and novel trade.

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