Can Environmental Awareness about Negative Effects of Plastic Bags Be Effective?

Environmental awareness is quite significant in the present times when people are still using plastic bags. Awareness campaigns against plastic usage and imposition of taxes by Government all around the world have reduced dumping of plastics. Although the percentage of usage has declined, the dreadful habit still prevails.

A glance at the above-mentioned facts reveals that environmental alertness has worked wonders.  The consistent efforts of Government bodies and welfare groups to create awareness about the adverse impacts of plastic bags have slowly educated the masses. To highlight the significance of environmental awareness, the blog post will discuss California, which has phased out plastic bags.

The Golden State of California is the first in its nation to fight against the usage of plastic bags. In an attempt to save the marine ecosystem and the wildlife, Californians supported a state law on the plastic ban by voting in favour of it. This incident shows the power of awareness and environmental education in transforming the habits of people. Dwellers of the State have understood that by encouraging the production and distribution of plastic bags, they are digging their own graves.

Every individual around the world is appreciating the decision of voters in supporting Proposition 67 for making California a bold leader in environmental protection. The State has gallantly set up an example by moving past the age of disposable plastic bags. The Secretary of State takes pride in announcing that the year 2017 will be a wonderful start to a healthy California. In the past years, the retailers of this state distributed a large number of plastic bags that exceeded the 19 billion mark. Yet, the Secretary of State is happy to announce that the same figure will now become zero.

The step taken by the voters means a straight cut elimination of 25 million plastic bags, which obviously made the plastic bag makers quite unhappy. The bold decision of the Government supported by the people is simply a victory of the marine ecosystem, which has been tackling the blight of plastic pollution since decades.

Post the judgement passed by the Government, the State of California is anticipating a huge reduction in its aggregate expenses by $428. This amount was earlier used up as cleanup costs for dealing with plastic pollution. The major verdict occurred two weeks ago but in this short period, California has already witnessed an elimination of 250 million single use polythene bags.

In place of plastic bags, the retailers have already started using reusable and recycled paper bags. Yet, these are required to possess a minimum 40% post consumer content to be acceptable among the mass. After the drastic step taken by the policymakers with the support of the common people, Californian community has already started living without polythene shopping bags.

This recent incident marks the beginning of a new era in California, which needs to be followed by the rest of the countries for making the world a better place to live. The particular event is a clear-cut example reflecting the fact that environmental awareness can really be effective.


Companies selling eco-friendly bags like Richie Bags are not only encouraging the people to quit plastic bags but also creating awareness about the negative effects of it. Soon, these brands supporting green bags will enjoy the greatest profit.

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