Celebrating World Heritage Day 2024 With Natural Jute Bags

World Heritage Day 2024

World Heritage Day brings us closer to the importance and advantages of cultural heritage and why we need to preserve it more consciously. Technically, it is a day focused on monuments and sites, like the Taj Mahal and Ajanta Caves. We at Richie Bags, however, see it as a day to appreciate all kinds of cultural treasures that enrich our lives and define our shared identity as a global community.


As we gain recognition as a leading natural jute bag supplier in India, we wish to spread awareness about the value of “golden fibre,” whose roots are deeply embedded in India’s heritage. The primary material for making gunny bags for agricultural packaging, jute and jute-derived textiles are also associated with India’s handicrafts heritage, including home decor items, handcrafted bags, shoes and a variety of artworks.


On the occasion of this year’s World Heritage Day, let’s take a deep dive into the heritage and cultural aspects of jute products in India, which also show increased prospects for socio-economic-environmental development.

About World Heritage Day

UNESCO’s General Assembly established World Heritage Day in 1983 during its 22nd general conference. It is formally known as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. The prime aim of observing this day is to spread awareness about the impact of cultural heritage on humanity and empower activities and efforts to protect and conserve these sites for the future.


From school excursions to heritage sites, and global conferences on action plans to publishing articles and social media content, a lot of effort is put into it. Each year, the International Council on Monuments and Sites elects a theme. This year’s theme is Discover and experience diversity.“

Heritage of Jute in India

Derived from the stem of the Corchorus capsularis plant, jute is a natural fibre with remarkable strength and resilience. While the use of jute as a textile has been recorded in history dating back to the Indus Valley Cavitation and throughout the Mughal periods, in modern times, it gained more prominence as a “cash crop” during British colonial rule along with rice, tea and pulses.


Jute played a pivotal role in the “industrialization of Bengal” over the 19th and 20th centuries, with many jute mills established across West Bengal contributing to the socio-economic growth of the state.

Jute is considered the “golden fibre” across the world. It is not only for its aesthetic semblance but also because of its social impact on providing livelihoods to farmers and reducing poverty in rural regions. Moreover, it is now becoming a golden solution for sustainable development in various aspects.

Natural Jute Bags— A Big Part of India’s Artisan Culture & Sustainable Development

Richie Bags has one of the largest collections of natural jute bags online. While we have lined up a range of our pre-made designs, we excel in custom designs, to feature the quintessential brand ethos. We work with high-quality jute, which gives our bags and other products their global standard.


While representing highly functional and eco-friendly accessories for fashion, packaging and utility, our products also feature the heritage artisan culture of our nation. As we embrace modern machine-made textiles, we still find a way to preserve our artisan culture, embracing traditional artistic concepts and craftsmanship.


👉 Vocal for Local – each jute bag produced by Richie Bags follows our brand ethos of sustainable development and social responsibility for empowering local artisans.

👉 Environmental Friendly – We employ ethical production methods to the fullest extent possible, minimising our energy usage, carbon impact, and water pollution during the retting operations.

👉 Sustainable Fashion –  We collaborate with brands to develop distinctive styles that preserve their creative legacy while showcasing the genuine possibilities of sustainable fashion.

👉 Responsible Culture:   It is our corporate social responsibility to restore what is valuable and thus we choose to preserve our ethicality, and sustainable practices to contribute to the heritage of the jute bags industry in the future. We gladly oblige.


Jute bags emerge as emblems of elegance and responsibility in a time when thoughtful consumer choices can bring about change. Because of their strength, capacity to decompose naturally, and beneficial effects on the community, they are the go-to option for anyone looking for a stylish accessory that aligns with their values.

Explore the Richie Bags collection of natural jute bags online. Our catalogue includes totes, beach bags, fashion bags, backpacks and drawstring bags that carry a realistic message for sustainability, and are a testament to our commitment to preserving traditional artistry, and rural empowerment. Discover our products where environmentally conscious fashion and heritage textiles coexist peacefully.

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