Companies Benefit From Online Customization Too

Ranging from major MNCs to minor manufacturers, most are realizing the benefits that accrue out of their customers’ personalized digital shopping experience. Online product customization, on one hand hikes brand awareness to a great extent, while helping companies identify emerging trends on the other. Meanwhile, the process itself lends additional source of revenue to their online commercial activities. However, the process has become so popular now that brands are monopolizing customization options as part of their current business strategy.


The process of customizing products online, better known as Mass Customization varies from including an option for customization of a specific product, such as LongChamp’s Le Pliage Bag customization option, to Richie Bags open offer for customization of a wide array of Jute and Cotton handbags. In case of the latter, the specification scenario is so exhaustive as to create almost a new product.


Incidentally, if you observe the requirement details (furnished below) you will be able to figure out how a new design eventually emerges after giving shape to a customer’s wishes. Nevertheless, the undertone invariably hints at opening of new business avenues that had so long remained untapped.


Customization provides psychological pleasure

Similar to deriving psychological pleasure while bargaining during a shopping spree, online customizing of a product also provides similar pleasure as the customer feels that the product just belongs to him/her as it has been fashioned with his/her creative imagination. For instance, Tote Bags manufactured by Richie Bags are made according to international standard that applies to its design, dimension, style, handle, etc. When, however, a customer orders a large consignment of the product where the style or the get up is altered, the handle is changed, the printing is eliminated, it no longer remains the good old Tote Bag but becomes something else. And if the customer uses his/her inventive resources while placing the order, a new product automatically emerges out of the range of regular products. What is more, the operation turns the casual buyer into an active co-creator.


Exhaustive options offered by Richie Bags

As earlier pointed out, the options offered by Richie Bags are as exhaustive as to creating a new product as desired by the customer. However, here are a few issues that will convince you about its realty.


  • Fabric = Jute; Cotton; Canvas; non-woven.
  • Measurements = Height, Width, Gusset [cm or inches]
  • Handle = Cane; Bamboo; Self-handle; Cotton Webbing Handle; Leather Handle; Handicraft Handle; Cotton Rope Handle.
  • Number of Handles & length.
  • Fabric Color = Color of Body (Front and back); Color of Gusset (if different).
  • Printing specifications = Sides (Both sides, one side, only Gusset); One side and Gusset; both sides and gusset. Position (Center, Top, Bottom, Corner
  • Any other specification?


Applying the theory of permutation and combination, as you can see, one can create hundreds of designs out of these options. However, it depends on the manufacturer whether to incorporate such customer oriented designs within their own product range (if not copyrighted by the customer) or not.

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