Earth Day 2021: Cultivate An Eco-Friendly Bag Habit To Live Toxic-Free & Leave A Minimal Footprint Behind

Every year on April 22, Earth Day commemorates the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The largest environmental movement, this event demonstrates and promotes environmental awareness to further conserve and protect the planet. It is the day to remember that we as individuals must do everything in our power to make Earth healthier and better for the future generation.

Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance worldwide, celebrated by more than a billion people every year as the day of action to change human behavior and create local, national, and global policy changes. Celebrated in more than 193 countries, it is growing each year.

Resolving to have a more sustainable lifestyle is no longer just a trend – it’s a responsibility. Wondering how to do your part in saving the Earth and hopefully pass down the practice to others? Using eco-friendly jute bags to reduce your carbon footprint is one of the easiest ways to preserve and protect the planet.

Plastic pollution is no joke – they are everywhere. Plastics are littered in streets, oceans, and even drift in the water. The worst part is, they take up to a thousand years to decompose, thus creating a huge problem for future generations. Luckily, you can do your part in reducing plastic consumption worldwide by using reusable bags. Doing so can help you reap numerous benefits, including, but not restricted to reduced waste, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

Make A Difference With Sustainable Jute Bags To Build A Green Future

Called the ‘golden fiber’, the long glistening threads of jute are often touted as one of the biodegradable fabrics. With people beginning to realize the damage wrought by industrial pollution and a throw-away plastic bag culture, using bags made of jute are on the rise nowadays. Investing in reusable jute bags can thus be the key to making the environment green and breathable.

Besides making way for a healthier and cleaner environment for all, jute bags offer a lot of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Stylish Appeal 

Eco-friendly jute bags made by Richie Bags – a leading eco-friendly bag manufacturer – are trendy, fashionable, and chic. Available in a plethora of sizes, shapes, and designs, these bags can enhance your style quotient like no other. So, if you want to use eco-friendly bags daily, you can purchase thoughtfully designed ones to complement your outfits. 

  • Comfortable To Tote Around

Unlike plastic carriers that tend to hurt your hands, reusable bags made of jute are typically designed for comfort, meaning you won’t have trouble carrying them for long periods. The handles of these bags are usually sturdy and do not have sharp edges that put pressure on your shoulders or hands. Even if you stuff them with stuff to the brim, the ergonomic handles will let you carry them comfortably.

  • High Durability

Possibly, the number of times your plastic bag split due to overload cannot be counted on a single hand. Plastic carriers are fragile and weak, and can break easily. On the other hand, sustainable bags are designed to last a long period. Since they are typically crafted from sturdy fibers, you do not have to worry about incurring damages even if you load it all up.

Wrapping Up!

Earth Day does not have to be celebrated only on April 22 every year. By incorporating a green lifestyle and using eco-friendly jute bags, you can celebrate Earth Day year-round.

It’s never too late for you to start thinking green and taking the first step to live a more sustainable lifestyle. No matter whether you’re a young adult, a mid-career professional, or a business owner, you can make more of a difference than you believe, with just one habit change. Get started on a zero-waste journey!

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