Events, Actions and World Views Resonating With The International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Every year, ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the United Nations, Commonwealth countries and even non-Commonwealth come together to echo the memories of one of the most haunting phases in the history of mankind.


It starts with silence—all of 2 minutes—to look back on and observe what over a million people have been through before a few thousand could see the day of January 27, 1945, when Soviet Troops liberated what was left to librate in the Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.


The silence, deep down, activates solid ground for mankind to stand up for humanity, and all other social and environmental causes bind us together. It gives rise to voices that speak for human rights, animal rights and many more subject matters that concern saving the Earth.


Richie Bags took a step towards sustainability to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day by standing up to voice our solutions for a plastic-free future. We distributed 1,000 free recycled shopping bags to our patrons.


We aim to establish a worldwide network of wholesalers, brands, and corporate sectors that have progressively adopted diverse corporate social responsibilities that align with the principles of humanity and human capacity to create a better future.

Standing Up To Humanity With International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024


Human conflict continues to prevail and pose socio-economic threats across several regions. Even the threats of genocide, with the deep impact of antisemitism, racism and hate. Humanitarian education is more relevant now. What starts with paying homage to the victims of the Holocaust must resonate with future generations to choose the right path and stand up to humanity.

We, who are not part of the UN’s General Assembly, are still brimming with capacity and scope to address the residual trauma left by the Holocaust, yet we are responsible for educating them about the causes, effects, and dynamics of these types of crimes.


As a business with a vision, Richie Bags, the leading jute bag supplier in India has taken part in several events, actions and practices to promote socio-environmental-economic wellbeing on a global scale.


  • Create meaningful, sustainable corporate bags and accessories to spread valuable messages.
  • Host workshops and attend educational events commemorating Indian handicrafts and local artisans.
  • Community-driven outreach programmes that might reach out to different communities and exchange interfaith dialogues.
  • Create socio-economic cultures by promoting employee and labour welfare policies
  • Promoting the values of sustainable development across the world


The Phase of Historical Reflections: When Remembrance Means Collective Responsibility


Founded under the United Nations 60/7 General Assembly resolution on November 1, 2005, the core belief and purpose behind the foundation of the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust is not all about remembering and reflecting on the hardest lessons learned during the Nazi rule in Poland.


The indelible marks of history on humanity are not all about the past, but the solemnity of commemorating these events fosters a sense of collective responsibility, urging us to strive for a more peaceful and just world.


Richie Bags aims to look beyond historical reflections and take them as a call to action. As a leading jute bag supplier in India, we have designed sustainable bags and concepts to make decisions for many companies and brands worldwide.


We have actively been part of several corporate social responsibility events and affairs that bring individuals, communities, and nations together to engage in activities that promote peace, reconciliation, and mutual understanding.


From community service initiatives to educational programmes fostering tolerance, the day inspires a commitment to actions that transcend borders. Highlighting these efforts amplifies the positive impact individuals can have on a global scale as a collective responsibility in shaping a better future.

Designing A Better World and Preventing History from Repeating


Awareness is sometimes more powerful than restraint. Our step towards distributing recycled shopping bags with environmental messages is somehow relevant to Remembrance Day since it is associated with a widespread socio-environmental understanding.


It has been 79 years since the day of the Auschwitz liberation, leaving behind an unwavering truth about human perpetration and suffering, and the consequences are universal.

However, it is sad that even after decades of war, the bigger truths about the Holocaust have been greatly confined to the people and survivors.


It was not until the late 1990s, with the Steven Spielberg-directed feature film Schindler’s List, that the fall of Communism and the increase in Western historical consciousness raised global awareness about Holocaust education.


Holocaust education is vital to teaching the coming generations about the root beliefs and ideologies that promote hatred and crime, about communal bias, ethicality, racism, and inclusion.


Commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a big part of that, which was designed and founded by the UN, spreading a collective responsibility towards all Member States to address the causes. It is all to prevent history from repeating. Are you with us?


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