Go Green With Eco-Friendly Bags For A Sustainable Earth

The year is 2021. Sustainability is the new norm, recycling is officially cool, single-use plastics are out of the market, and eco-friendly bags have become the new normal.

Plastic pollution is a nightmare to this day. From massive garbage heaps and clogged drains to posing a threat to wildlife and releasing toxins to the environment, plastics are polluting the world in many ways. Governments across the world are starting to come up with laws and pass policies that control plastic pollution. However, such efforts can bear fruit only if everyone takes part.

Resolving to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is a responsibility and the need of the hour too. More and more people today are making conscious efforts today to adopt sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices. In the retail sector, biodegradable bags have become the mark of quality and environmental consciousness. And, you can do your part in adopting a sustainable lifestyle by using reusable bags offered by the leading jute bags wholesalers.

Check out below to read how sustainable choices can lead the way to a plastic-free future.

Curb Plastic Pollution With Eco-Friendly Jute Totes From Richie Bags

Plastic waste is no joke. They are everywhere – littered in streets, oceans, and even drift in the air. And, the worst part is that they take about 1000 years to degrade, creating a problem for the generations to come.

Things need to change – and thanks to the modern eco-conscious consumers, they are! One way to reduce the environmental impact is by cutting the need for single-use plastics. Using reusable bags over the ones made of plastic can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment too. Although it’s impossible to ensure completely zero-waste overnight, opting for eco-friendly jute totes can make a huge difference.

Ways Eco-Friendly Jute Bags Save The Environment

  1. Protects The Wildlife

Single-use plastic often ends up intruding upon nature and become a threat to local wildlife. Every year, at least 8 million tons of plastic are estimated to end up in the ocean, making up 80% of the total debris. Plastic also poses a direct danger to aquatic life since animals ingest them or get caught up in the debris, thus resulting in thousands of animal fatalities.

Switching to reusable jute totes can help avoid this vicious cycle from forming. Often called the ‘golden fibre’, jute fabric bags are built to last and can stand the test of time. Also, you can be at peace knowing that the best eco-friendly bags manufacturer in India offers biodegradable products.

  • A Cleaner, Healthier Environment

Eliminating or reducing the production and consumption of plastic can lead to cleaner parks, beaches, cities, forests, cities, and a cleaner Earth that’s healthy for all. Often, plastic bags are taken for a spin by the wind due to their lightweight and end up in the most unexpected places. Even during a simple walk down the street, you can spot a considerable amount of plastic litter.

Given how damaging plastic is, choosing jute bags is recommended as they are better for the environment and can be used over and over. Moreover, less waste automatically equates to fewer clean-ups, thus paving the way for a healthier and cleaner environment.

  • Protects The Drainage Systems

Bags made of plastic can easily gather in drains, causing them to get clogged. And, if the situation escalates, it can even lead to floods and a range of sanitary problems for cities. By opting for reusable jute totes, you can prevent this from happening and protect the vulnerable communities from being exposed to the negative effects of plastic. And Richie Bags’ repute as one of the top jute bags wholesalers in India means that using our jute totes can be an informed decision.

  • Reduces Petroleum Consumption

Not many are aware of the connections between plastics and petrochemical industries. To manufacture one plastic bag, a considerable amount of oil is required. It takes around the same quantity of petroleum to make seven plastic bags as it takes to drive one kilometre with a car. So, if people focus on using jute bags, there will be no more need to use the resources that go into plastic products. This way, carbon emissions will be decreased and petroleum reserves will last longer too.

Final Words:

Passing on the responsibility of a cleaner and safer environment to the next person is very easy. Blaming the government authorities is equally easy. However, you need to keep in mind that every decision to purchase sustainable products counts in the fight against plastic pollution. Also, having an ecological outlook on your daily tasks can help you inspire others to be more aware of their surroundings.

Make the right decision by switching to eco-friendly totes offered by Richie Bags – one of the top jute bags wholesalers in India – and encourage others to do the same. Time to be responsible for the environment!

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