If you ever wonder why a girl needs a Tote Bag so badly, there are reasons galore behind such need

Especially so, if it happens to be a Richie Bags brand Jute or Canvas Tote Bag that is  numero uno fashion statement with most teen agers the world over. Apart from being eco-friendly and biodegradable, these multi-use multi-color Tote Bags are a girl’s constant companion, regardless of whether she is going on a date or getting ready for a long haul flight.

What’s more, bulk purchasers, such as companies that intend to use Tote Bags for promotional purposes can customize the product with their logo and message boldly printed on the bag, with handsome discounts to boot. Incidentally, a Tote Bag is the most versatile bag that a person ever owns. Instead of having too many compartments featuring as many zip fasteners, the Tote has few partitions that help easy storage of bulk materials such as full size bath towels as well as books and magazines for leisure reading.

However, it may be relevant to take a quick peek at some of the valid reasons that prompt a girl to go for a Richie Bags brand jute or canvas Tote Bag.

Reason # 1: Simple, yet effective fashion accessory –

These jute or canvas Tote Bags are as fashionable as they are functional. On one hand, they help accommodate a wide array of items for everyday use and consumption such as groceries, fruits and vegetables, chicken and beef, bread and eggs as also Diet Coke (6 pack, 16.9 fl oz bottles), while on the other they sport a colorful look. Moreover, they go well with all types of costume or dress because of the simplicity of their designs.

Reason # 2: Large size –

Because of their outsized dimensions (34 x 52 x 16 / 28 cm) they can literally fit a mid-size modern-day SUV. As a matter of fact, you can put all you need for a full day’s work in a Tote Bag, yet leaving space for few canned beer within its belly.

Reason # 3: Versatility –

Richie Bags brand jute or canvases Tote Bags figuratively have a million uses. You can use these as shopping bag, gym bag, day use bag, overnight bag, knitting bag, and if necessary a laptop bag. In fact, there is no limit to the adaptability of these branded Tote Bags. Unlike leather, these jute/cotton Tote Bags are not affected by rain or sleet or midday sun’s hot waves. In any case, a simple wash and sun drying soon revives its former shape and glory.

Reason # 4: Durability –

Because of the ingenious method of manufacturing and high quality of the raw material (jute fiber) used, Tote Bags made and marketed by us  are as durable as their pretty looks. Unlike plastic bags that are not only harmful for the environment and are often meant for short term use, these jute/cotton Tote Bags outlast their expected usage many time over.

Reason # 5: Wide variety –

Branded Tote Bags made and marketed by globally recognized Richie Bags and Fashions p. Ltd provide an endless array of color and design to choose from. For example, Jute Tote Bag Product Code 10550B, featuring trendy color combination of red and white with fiber handle greatly differs from Product Code JBK1139 that is jet black in color with v-shape bottom and leather handle. The same is true with Product Code JFU1122, which is a matt bubblegum pink tote with leather handles and button detailing.

Reason# 6: Reusability –

Regardless of their size, type, color or design, all Richie Bags branded jute and cotton Tote Bags can be re-used over and over again. What’s more, these bags can be washed, cleaned, dried and stored when not in use. Of course, their biggest virtue, namely biodegradability, ensures total disintegration when no more required, thus solving the planet’s most pressing problem – indestructible plastic waste!

Reason # 7: Fabulous

as a gift – Whether it is the birthday of your 6-yer old girl or the college going teenager, the gift of a colorful tote Bag will receive unstinted appreciation and merriment. Apart from the loving sentiment, your gift will go a long way towards its effective usage and maintenance.

Richie Bags branded jute or canvases Tote Bags are available in most shopping malls spread all over the surface of our lonely planet and thankfully these can be ordered online as well. Please visit our website www.richiebags.com  and place your order NOW!!

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