Jute is A Well Deserved Buzzword Now

In a world full of growing awareness about healthier environment where, despite there is demand for cost effective eco-friendly products, biodegradable containers, GMO food, hybrid/electric cars and environment friendly consumer goods are costing more, Jute is the singular new buzzword that becomes most relevant now. Low in price, high in eco-friendliness, jute products, especially trendy jute carry bags made and marketed by Richie Bags (Richie Bags & Fashions P. Ltd) is the new fashion statement in Europe and continental America, while its popularity is growing in leaps and bounds in Japan and in the Far East, primarily because of its bio-degradability and related proprieties.

What’s So Unique About Richie Bags Products?

To be precise, there are many plus points about Richie Bags products that have earned all the name and fame for the corporate giant. To begin with, the company uses only the highest quality raw material (jute) for manufacturing the bags, while taking advantage of state-of-the-art mechanized process to reach its goal where each and every item is carefully selected to make the product nature-friendly. Even the printing ink used for creating the logo or graphics on the bags is AZO free (free of carcinogenic agents). Above all, the entire manufacturing process is conducted under one roof to ensure faultless productivity.

In addition to the above, there is variety. Variety in design, variety in use as well as variety in selling options is the USP of Richie Bags. As for the former, no two bags in same category are similar in looks. As for variety in use, it’s an endless array. Save and except sexy Bikini Bags, the company makes and markets a wide variety of Beach Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Promotional Bags, Wine Bottle Carrier Bags, Draw String Bags, several types of Tote Bags and many more that may be viewed through its extensive website.

Why The Demand is More For Jute Promotional Bags Made By Richie Bags?

Firstly, there has been a slump in use of plastic bags that had so long ruled the sphere of promotional bags world over. Both the givers and takers of plastic promotional bags have since expressed their aversion towards the use of plastic for its harmful effects on the environment. Jute promotional bags customized by Richie Bags for their clients on the other hand, do not fall into that category and so are preferred by all. Moreover, these bags are colorful, lightweight and reusable, hence are adored by many. Changing lifestyle and more progressive outlook developed by shopping malls has also contributed towards large scale sale of jute promotional bags during the recent years.

Who Are The General Buyers?

Apart from indigenous buyers, Richie Bags products are indented by Food and Beverage manufacturers, Books and Magazine Publishers, Pharmaceuticals companies, Wineries and Gift Emporiums in many overseas countries such  as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the US.

What Are The Benefits of Using Jute Bags That Are Made By Richie Bags?

Raison d’être, of course is affordability. To begin with, the cost of raw material aka jute is reasonably cheap. The plant can grow in any type of wetland where sunshine is plentiful, requiring neither fertilizers nor pesticides. The processing of the fiber also does not need any sophisticated plant or machinery. As a result, the finished product becomes cost effective, while becoming readily available too. However, the biggest benefit that comes out of using Richie Bags products is people’s contribution towards uplifting the economic level of rural people whose only way of earning a living is through cultivation and production of jute fibers.


In view of organizing extensive campaign by Richie Bags that include participation in Trade Fairs around the world about discarding the use of plastic bags and using jute/cotton carry bags instead, a  day is coming near when the last of the plastic bags would be replaced by its healthier cousin – the jute bag.

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