Keen Foresight and Confidence in Perusing a Mission Brings Success

Long before the world had been aware of the harrowing hazards of plastic pollution, entrepreneurs R.B. Lahoti and N. K. Binani could foresee its inevitable lethal effect on human life that led them to produce a wide variety of merchandise in the form of bags made from eco friendly natural fiber, jute and cotton – not plastic! They started their production way back in 1996, the brand that came to be  known as Richie Bags.

The horror that they anticipated but had not witnessed in reality is enormous. To be precise, more than five trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing over 269,000 tonnes has been found floating in our oceans, causing colossal damage throughout the food chain. Data secured by scientists from US, France, Australia, Chile and New Zealand hints at a minimum of 5.25tn plastic particles in the oceans that are affecting the marine life to a great extent.

While large pieces of plastic, strangle mammals like the whales, smaller pieces are ingested by fish that eventually arrives on our dinner tables, consumption of which gives rise to fatal diseases. No wonder, whales that have consumed plastic packaging materials and die agonizing deaths are floating up on most sea shores. Though late, the world has now been able to assess the enormity of the man made catastrophe and is trying its best to find alternative, already achieved by Richie Bags in their small but ardent way.

Coming back, Richie Bags has produced  bags that are made of bio-degradable jute (and cotton) and are manufactured and exported to more than 25 countries including U.K. , U.S.A. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. It has received accolades from leading import houses, worldwide banking and Financial Institutions, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries, Food and Beverage packing companies; as also from Books and Periodicals Publishers, Wineries, etc.


Outstanding quality and resilience

Richie bags known for it’s outstanding quality and robustness. Eco friendly jute and cotton bags manufactured and often customized to any style or dimension stand out among similar products made by sundry manufacturers. Among some of the hot selling items for which Richie Bags is famed for include Tote Bags, Promotional Bags, Ladies hand bags, Cosmetic bags, Wine bags and beach bags. Nevertheless, the factors that stand behind such popularity and reputation are the selection of raw material, fault-free fabrication and state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Incidentally, the entire manufacturing procedure that include cutting, printing, designing, fabrication and finishing is carried out under one roof in order to avoid any lack of coordination or slip in the whole process.   




The company forever strives to look for innovative means and methods that can help underpin the durability and style of jute and cotton bags through varied process changes that include fabrication and stitching modes, as also other relevant issues relating to the development of the products.


Participation in Trade Fairs

The company systematically participates in global Trade Fairs in order to popularize its products. As a matter of fact, Richie bags is going to take part in the forthcoming IHGF(Spring) Fair in Noida, Delhi in February 2016, as also in Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany during 12-16 February 2016.



Key Member of Trade Associations

In order to provide meaningful help to the industry and to become an active partner in developing jute based products as also its export, Richie Bags is  affiliated to various governmental as well as non-governmental bodies that include FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations), National Jute Board, SEDEX, etc.

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