Learning for Lasting Peace: How International Day of Education Could Be A Corporate Endeavour

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In 2019, the United Nations General Assembly declared January 24th as the International Day of Education. As a global observance day, it is an occasion to spread global awareness and participation in prioritising education as a fundamental principle of life, a human right, a public good and a responsibility.

This year, January 24, 2024, will mark the sixth year of the International Day of Education, with the theme “learning for lasting peace”.

Richie Bags, the leading jute bag wholesaler in India, recognises how education can shape societies, especially in a developing country. This, in turn, could be linked to modern businesses and how corporate events can shape educational provisions within a society.

Every year, Richie Bags’ international community of wholesalers, brands and multinational companies come together for trade shows, exhibitions and global conventions. Outreach should not be limited to business growth; it must also impart responsibility. So Richie Bags is marking this International Day of Education as an opportune moment to reflect on the role of corporations in promoting learning for sustainable peace.

How UNESCO Recommends Education for Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Humans have learned to light fire. To create societies, civilizations, jurisdictions, law and religions. The feats of development have also given rise to violence, communal conflicts, xenophobia, discrimination, hate and so many other things that make the concept of “world peace” impossible.

This year, the theme of the International Day of Education focuses on learning for peace.

It must be transformative to empower learners with a conscience of values and attitudes towards others and themselves. This conscience does not always come in the form of a book. It may also come in the form of jute corporate bags. The idea is to reach out.

Richie Bags Empowers Communities Through Environmental Education and Awareness Programs

No matter how powerful a tool for empowerment, education often, in it’s way of distribution and imbibing societal norms, fails to make a positive impact on the learner. Richie Bags is not only a leading jute bag manufacturer in India and B2B wholesaler; we are also actively involved in launching educational initiatives that aim to enhance literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills in India and abroad. Below are some of the core concerns we have been funding for:

  • Sustainable jute bag manufacturing practices in India
  • Waste reduction for jute industries in India
  • Research and development of sustainable resources for jute, cotton and canvas bags manufacturing in India
  • Employee volunteering programs involve activities like mentoring workers, conducting workshops, or contributing to community outreach programs.

By collaborating with various educational institutions and organizations, we at Richie Bags, an eco bags manufacturing company in India, contribute to creating a positive impact on communities, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

A New Perspective for Sustainable Corporate Development By Promoting Education

Sustainable corporate gifting is on the rise in India as a powerful branding opportunity. November 2023 market research reveals over 10% of year-to-year growth in the past five years.

The implementation of education cannot be limited to the classroom and a certain age group. It is important that educational initiatives and practices find their way into the corporate world as well. To integrate adult perspectives and experiences.

From corporate jute bags and sustainable wine bottle bags to complete corporate hampers and personalized gifts, the market has flourished by 10% to 50% in recent years across different sectors.

The quintessential role of these sustainable goods goes beyond financial contributions. It gives corporations an ideal tool and force to pursue and encourage educational initiatives and projects to not only foster corporate citizenship but also breathe a positive society of mindful, tolerant and kind individuals. By encouraging diversity and inclusion, education, in the form of practices and products, will enable more individuals from different backgrounds to coexist harmoniously.

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