Let Your Intuition Be Guided By Your Zodiac Signs – For Contentment And Pleasure

Let me be a bit frank about us that include me Arun, my wife Rita and our daughter Dimple who firmly believe in Astrology and are guided by our Zodiac signs in all walks of life. We are also pretty sure of our likes and dislikes which none can make or break, no matter how firmly one might try to. For instance, I as an Aries male have a fiery and passionate personality, dominated by high ambition and a clear conception of my goal in life. Yet I am creative, adaptive and insightful. Incidentally, as my zodiac sign indicates, I have a strong liking for diamonds and things that are genuine and nature friendly. For instance, when it comes to go for shopping, I would always use carry bags that are made of jute or cotton fiber, instead of plastic or any other synthetic material. As for brand, I would only go for those that are made and marketed by globally renowned Richie Bags whose products are exported to all over the world. Nevertheless, my special fascination hovers around Jute Tote Bag JNT-1101 which is a simple yet suave brown carry bag with tan leather handles and buttons, ideally suited for carrying grocery  and sundry other consumer goods. I am also pretty sure that like me others have discarded plastic carry bags too and are now using jute, cotton or canvas carry bags on daily basis.


My wife Rita, who is an Aquarian, specializes in accomplishing goals in quiet, often unorthodox manners. But mind you, even though her methods seem to be unconventional, the results turn out to be surprisingly effective. She is downright honest, loyal and thoroughly gifted. She is also easygoing and makes natural friendship in a matter of minutes. But the problem with her is her tendency towards becoming sloth and lazy, if not kept in continuous check. However, she too has a natural disinclination towards things that are non-natural, artificial or of plastic origin. Even when travelling to the nearest sea beach, she would carry her swim suits, towels, sun protective lotion and all other sundry items in her Jute Beach Bag, made and marketed by Richie Bags, premiere Kolkata base manufacturer that exports their products all over our lonely planet. However, her selection goes in favor of a couple of types of Designer Jute Beach bags that include Pineapple Pleasure Jute Beach Bag (36 x 52 x 42 cm) with lovely prints of Pineapples that are a delicious tropical fruit, savored for centuries not only for their unique and and tangy taste, but also for their phenomenal  therapeutic benefits. Her choice also centers round Marissa laminated Jute Beach Bag (40 x 53 x 13 cm) which are available in several colors that include Natural-Black, Natural-Red and Natural-Navy Blue.


Needless to say, my daughter Dimple, who is a Sagittarian, follows in our footstep too when it comes to choosing trendy carry bags. Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, she possess natural exuberance, a sense of adventure and love of life that makes her one of the most optimistic zodiac signs of all. As a Sagittarian, she is also known for aiming her sights towards whatever is alluring or attractive – a sleek racing cycle, a pair of fascinating jeans or a collection of trendy jute Fashion Bags, made and marketed by world renowned Richie Bags. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable, these quality products are now considered as fashion statements all over the world. However, her Sagittarian trait would induce her to go for multiple pieces that include Marigold Jute Fashion Bag with Self Handles (36 x 45 x 13/30 cm), multicolored Mimosa Jute Fashion Bag with self handle (38 x 45 x 12/28 cm) and Flamenco Jute Fashion Bag (38 x 40/48 x 15 cm).



Even though people may sneer at astrological affinities towards cravings for certain lifestyles or consumer items, it has been proved over and over again that zodiac signs are deeply related to the person’s choices and options in practical life. While talkative and questioning Gemini is always up for something new, emotional Cancers love to reminisce and cherish sentimental items, such as old fashioned American Diamond rings or childhood Teddy bears.

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