Love The Earth And Your Beloved: Celebrate A Sustainable Valentine’s Day

More than a billion cards are sent every year, with almost each of them ending up in landfills – covered in glitters, metallic effects, and laminated in plastic. These are hardly recyclable. Those lovely bouquets of red roses pollute the soil, air, and water with agrochemicals that are used to grow them at a large scale. And, these are just cards and flowers – people spend a huge amount of money annually on endless throwaway gifts such as teddy bears, balloons, and decorations, to name just a few.

We aren’t here to ruin your plans of February 14 but to kick you and your loved one into action: the sooner we start acting on climate, the sooner we can preserve our cherished traditions or at least adjust the traditions to accommodate a better world.

Tips To Celebrate Valentine’s Day The Eco-Friendly Way

  1. Get Crafty

Gifting a sentimental card might be one of the most thoughtful and sweetest ways to express what someone means to you. However, as you might imagine, many greeting cards on the shelves at the local gift shop cannot be recycled owing to ribbon, foil, glitter, or plastic embellishments that beautify them. So, it is advisable to make a letter or card the old-fashioned way.

There are many ways to get creative with the card – you can use tickets from your shared adventures, printed photos, or personalized doodles. No matter what you end up creating, you will be sparing the landfill from extra waste.

2. Pick Your Chocolates Wisely

Cannot resist indulging in something sweet? It’s completely understandable. However, many popular chocolate brands utilize unethical practices such as rainforest demolition and slave labor as part of their business. Furthermore, the treats are covered by layers upon layers of plastic packaging that are seriously harmful to the planet. You can take a firm stand against all types of issues by shopping mindfully. Search for “fair trade” and “organic” on the labels.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts

V-Day is simply about showing love for your partner, and what better way to do that than by gifting something good for the environment too? No matter whether you are on the lookout for something thoughtful or you are on a budget, an eco-friendly jute bag can be an incredible option. Richie Bags – a leading manufacturer of reusable bags in India – produces biodegradable bags of 100% jute that are available in a plethora of styles, colors, and designs. In fact, this can be the ideal gift for your eco-conscious partner.

Postscript: Perhaps, there’s nothing stronger than love – except climate change. Besides showering love and affection for your partner or loved ones on V-day, you can also show your love for the planet Earth by implementing a Sustainable Valentine’s Day. Time to reduce waste and make eco-friendly choices this Valentine’s day!

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