Making World Forestry Day Special With A Jute Beach Bag

World Forestry Day 2024

On the occasion of World Forestry Day, which we celebrated recently on May 21st, we at Richie Bags planned some internal events with our staff and patrons to make this day special.


This year, the theme was: is ‘Forests and Innovation: New Solutions for a Better World.” We observed the theme by distributing a variety of corporate gifts, including our jute beach tote bags, to exemplify our innovative ideas for sustainable promotions, and we achieved a great feat.


Now, you might wonder why or how we connect something as humble as a jute bag or sustainable promotions with a cause as detrimental and universal as World Forestry Day. So here’s our story.

World Forestry Day for Sustaining Life on Earth


Climate change is real. And a big part of this reality is our dwindling forests. According to global consensus, we have lost over 32 million acres of forests—that is, more or less, all of England. Some of us have not yet forgotten the fact that forests are as much a part of the human habitat as they are for wildlife. Since deforestation is the cause behind at least 18% of the world’s carbon emissions, conservation of forests becomes critical for managing global warming.


In a bid to empower global policy-making and collaborative efforts to conserve forests, the International Day of Forests was established. It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 and established in November 2013. It stems from the original concept proposed at the 16th conference of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations way back in 1971, where the state members voted for it.


The first or inaugural, Forrest Day was observed in Bali, Indonesia, way back in 2007. The event was held by the UN at the Conference of the Parties (COP) 13. It was a big part of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The date was followed by other countries like Poland, Denmark and Mexico in consecutive years before the final International Day of Forests was established at the Global Landscapes Forum in 2013 as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 19), which was held in Warsaw, Poland.


Similar to Earth Day, World Forestry Day also follows a theme and agenda to streamline policymaking, action plans and collective work.

New Solutions for a Better World— How Richie Bags Observed World Forestry Day With Jute Beach Totes


Ever since we started our journey in 1996, our goal has been to promote the sustainable potential of our jute and cotton bags for building a better society and environment. We have accomplished our goals with several focused initiatives in the past, which frequently involve tree-planting events, and today we boast of having created several lush gardens and green landscapes across West Bengal and other parts of India. This year, on the occasion of World Forestry Day 2024, we tried to do something new.


  • Jute Bags with a Message: Simple messages go a long way. We got together with our visionary designers and creators to start with themed designs for fashion tote bags and beach bags to use a strong message as the focal point—one that connects with the audience.


  • Introduce Sustainable Corporate Gifting: Every year, several multinational companies use promotional goods, like pens, diaries, toys, and packaging waste. that widely have an impact on habitat destruction. We aim to end this with our thoughtful promotional goods.


  • We Involved Children: We invited families and children of our staff and patrons to raise the community-driven approach to the messages and agendas that we share. This has given us a greater opportunity to broaden our network beyond the corporate sector.


  • Funding: We are funding new school projects and research programmes for forest development in India to support restoration efforts.


You Too Can Make That Change— If You Cannot Plant A Tree, Save It


Coming back to the idea of how our jute bags connect to World Forestry Day, it is about the collective effort that drives us to succeed in our endeavours.


Looking into the bigger picture of the supply chain of Richie Bags, a leading jute beach tote bag exporter in India, other industries could get more ideas to make a change.


We cannot save the forests by simply planting a tree in our garden. Businesses and industries across the world have a deeper responsibility to pursue more sensible methods and approaches that set them apart from being a cause of habitat destruction, either directly or indirectly. Only then can we truly make the change.


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