Merry Christmas – The Birth Of Christ Celebrated All Over The World!

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Every year over 2 million people celebrate Christmas Day. It’s a public holiday in most countries and is derived from the Old English Crīstesmæsse which translates to Christ’s mass. Christmas traditions have evolved over time and the customs and beliefs have blended as people migrated and attitudes and behaviors have changed. However, one of the most popular traditions and customs followed on Xmas is gift giving. It has its roots in the magi who brought gifts for baby Jesus right after his birth.


The Three Wise Men


As per the gospel of Matthew, the story of the Three Wise Men is also popularly known as the “Biblical Magi” or “Three Kings”. These three wise men were Gaspar (or Caspar), the king of Sheba, Melchior, the king of Arabia and Balthazar, the king of Tarse and Egypt. The wise men gifted baby Jesus with Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. These three gifts have a spiritual meaning. Gold is a symbol of kingship, Frankincense (incense) is a symbol of deity and lastly Myrrah (embalming oil) symbolizes death. This meant, Gold for a king, Incense as a God and Myrrh for the one who is mortal.


Dec 25th Is Not The Date Mentioned In The Bible


Truth be told, the Bible is absolutely silent about the day or the time of the year when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His birthday wasn’t celebrated by the earliest Christians. There are different accounts about when and how Dec 25th came to be known as Jesus’s birthday. In most accounts, the birth was around 200 A.D. and had taken place on the 6th of Jan. Nobody knows why, but it’s probably based on the calculated date of the 6th of April, Jesus’s crucifixion coupled with the belief that prophets died on the day similar to the day of conception. By the mid-4th century, Christ’s birthday celebration was moved to Dec. 25th. Some accounts say it was the Pope while others claim it wasn’t!


St. Nicholas: The Real Santa Claus


The inspiration behind Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, born in 4th century Asia Minor to rich parents. His parents died in the epidemic and he was raised by an uncle who was a Bishop. Obeying the words of Christ, he used his entire inheritance to help the needy, poor and sick. The custom of hanging stockings to receive presents inside it comes from St. Nicholas. Admired for his kindness and piety, his popularity spread as he became the protector of sailors and children.


The name Santa Claus came from Nick’s Dutch nickname, which is Sinter Klass, the shortened name of Sint Nikolaas, translated as the Dutch name of Saint Nicholas.


Observing Christmas


Most Christmas traditions are celebrated on and around December 25th. Families gather and open presents under a well-decorated tree and have a feast together rejoicing and merry-making. Gift-giving is held during this time of the year and has its roots embedded in pagan rituals. Gift-giving is the most popular tradition that has stayed for a long and has resulted in strengthening bonds between friends and families. Gifting jute Christmas bags or other customized items can brighten up faces and strengthen your bond with the person. Customized gifts are often held dear and often more valued than on-the-shelf ones! So, give your loved one, ‘a gift to remember’.

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