My Story

I am a cute fashionable Jute Shopping Bag. I was born in India but now live in France. In fact, my owner, an equally fashionable young French lady acquired me from Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, one of the largest shopping malls located in the French capital. My owner loves me very much as I am not only beautiful to look at but also quite durable as well as reusable. However, you will be amazed to know my life story, which is as interesting as that of the Sliced Bread (from wheat to flour to baking and sizing to slicing in automatic plant and machine packing to landing on your breakfast table).

However, let me begin at the very beginning. My origin can be traced to the famed family of Corchorus, commonly called Jute, which is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into fine strong threads. But there is much to story of how the fiber is made available to makers such as Richie Bags and Fashions P. Ltd, premiere manufacturer and exporter of trendy jute bags.


My origin – 

Going back to my origin, you need to know that jute basically is a crop of hot and humid climate that requires high temperature varying from 24° to 35°C and heavy rainfall of 120 to 150cm with 80 to 90 per cent relative humidity for its uniform growth.

The plants are eventually cut and tied into bundles. Sheafs of jute stocks are then immersed into water bodies for retting. Thereafter, the bark is peeled from the plant and the fiber is removed. This is followed by rinsing, washing and cleaning and drying in the sun. Being a natural fiber, it is biodegradable and so is ‘environment friendly’.


My adult life (Manufacturing Process) – 

My adult life starts with the production of tape through the tape extrusion machine, followed by knitting to form cloth on circular weaving machine. After it is woven, it often gets laminated and dyed with natural dye. It is then transferred to the cutting department where the fabric is arranged in layers and cut according to production pattern. With Richie Bags, this is located in the same hall where other operations are performed to avoid lapses in the manufacturing process.

However, the next step involves screen printing on the cut fabric by arranging these on huge printing tables where AZO-free dyes are used exclusively to maintain nature friendliness. The process finally ends when all the body parts such as the front and back body, gusset, handles, etc are stitched together in automated stitching machines. Incidentally, at Richie Bags all the operations are guided by the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) to ensure ultimate safety of the products.


My features –

(a)I am fully eco-friendly

(b) I am affordable for everyone.

(c) I am fashionable and trendy.

(d) I am reusable and durable

(e) I am ready for multiple uses.

(f) I boast of superior quality

(g) I come from a company which is affiliated to SEDEX and certified by SGS for SA 8000.



My siblings –

I have a large number of brothers and sisters comprising Tote Bag, Beach Bag, Toilet Bag, Shopping Bag, Wine bag, Ladies Hand Bag, Bag for carrying smartphones, Utility Bag, Backpack and many more. Then there are Customized Bags that can be ordered as personalized items or are used for free distribution as promotional gifts by companies.



Now that you have heard my story, why not order for bulk quantity of beautifully colored Tote Bags for promotional purposes for your company with your logo printed brightly on the bags Apart from getting quality products, you will also be entitled to handsome discount against your order. Place your order today to save lots of dollars.

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