New Year Resolution For 2019 – ‘Shedding Some Pounds’

Your New Year resolution, I may hasten to add does not concern obesity, which in the United States is a major health issue where ‘shedding some pounds (of flesh)’ forms a sort of universal credenda, but deeply involve shedding some pounds of single-use plastic waste that may save our lonely planet from destruction. In other words, you need to reduce the quantum of your single-use plastic waste, while studies reveal that around 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year.


You Can Reduce Plastic Waste by Involving The Members of Your Family By

  • Telling your wife not to use or collect single-use plastic carry bags for bringing groceries from the super market because these are not biodegradable and so are harmful for the environment. As an alternative, she could go for biodegradable jute or cotton carry bags manufactured and exported by globally recognized manufacturer and exporter Richie Bags & Fashions P. Ltd since these multi-use products can easily disintegrate, mixing up with the soil within a short period of time.
  • Telling her also to buy raw vegetables from Farmer’s Markets where she can use her own containers for all the shopping she needs to do. This way she can not only reduce plastic waste which is beneficial for the atmosphere but also healthful for the whole family.
  • By providing her with stainless steel kitchen gas lighter which uses a phenomenon called piezo-electric effect to generate an electric spark which ignites the combustible gas from the stove burner. This is a far safer and effective device as compared to common plastic lighters manufactured and exported by Chinese companies. No wonder this will reduce plastic waste to some extent.
  • Telling your children not to use plastic straw when drinking juice or other beverages. Of course, McDonald’s have stopped the use of plastic straws in most of its restaurants, but may be others have not yet followed suit.
  • Telling them also to avoid buying bottled water. In order to ensure such policy, buy stainless steel jar or bottles for them. These can always be cleaned and reused by them whenever needed.


You Can Also Reduce Plastic Waste by Finding Alternatives

When looking for alternatives, concentrate on glass and aluminum containers since these do not come under the category of contaminating agents. As for finished consumer products, go for those that have least plastic cover. At the same time, many consumer goods producer have reduced their plastic packaging to bare minimum. Some even ensure that 100% of packaging material they use is recyclable, reusable, recoverable pr compostable. Needles to say, your eyes should search for such products or goods in order to reduce the quantity of plastic waste.


Look For Recyclable Products If You Want to Reduce Plastic Waste

Since bottles, trays, and many other packaging materials are currently constructed from recycled plastics, you may look for these items when thinking about reducing plastic waste. As more and more companies commit to protecting the environment, more are turning to the use of recycled plastic for items that are frequently consumed and have previously been a huge contributor to waste problems.As a result, your efforts will not go in vain.


Plastics are also overtaking other material options for constructing fences, bridges, walkways, and jetties. Using recycled plastics not only lowers the cost for manufacturers but also provides a solution that resists rot and vandalism and is durable in the long-term. Concentrate on such products if you intend to reduce plastic waste.

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