Richie Bags Pioneered the Use of Bio-Degradable Jute Fiber For Their Products

It may be a tricky proposition to figure out who invented the wheel, but the history of its development isn’t that obscure. Why, John Boyd Dunlop and Charles Goodyear primarily took the initiative to turn the archaic roller into pneumatic tire based wheels that form the essential component for all forms vehicular and airways traffic (landing gear only) today.

Somewhat similar situation prevailed with the evolution of modern day fancy shopping bags. Even though these were not actually invented by entrepreneurs R. B. Lahoti and N.K.Binani , creator of Richie Bags, a globally recognized  manufacturer of fancy bags, nevertheless, has immensely contributed towards the development of a wide range of trendy carry bags that are commonly used now by people all over the world. What’s more, it has pioneered the use of bio-degradable jute fiber for manufacturing these bags while discarding harmful polyurethane raw material for good. An awesome achievement towards developing an eco friendly world!


Inimitable quality and resilience

Superb quality coupled with amazing resilience is the hallmark of Richie Bags products that include Promotional Tote Bags, Ladies Hand Bags, Wine Bags, Cosmetic bags, Beach bags and many more eye catching items that are routinely exported to  more than 25 countries that include North America, New Zealand, France, Germany and Spain. Needless to say, these products are highly acclaimed by overseas importers comprising of Shopping Malls, Books and Magazine publishers, Multinational Banks and Financial Institutions, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries and a host of others for their bio-degradable properties and eco friendly structures as against plastic carry bags that tend to destroy the earth’s environment. However, the prime factor behind such eminence and prominence constitute three significant issues – high grade raw material, creative fabrication and state-of-the-art manufacturing process.


Research and Development

Innovation and creativity through Research and development is a never ending process with Richie Bags that often involves indenting newly developed products from the four corners of our lonely planet to study the inventive methods applied in their fabrication and implementing the same if found suitable and effective for large scale production.


Participation in overseas Trade fairs

In order to let people know the quality and utility value of their products, Richie Bags never fails to take part in overseas Trade fairs, exhibiting and explaining the importance of using eco friendly jute fiber for their bags, while educating all and sundry about the lethal effects of plastic. In fact, the team has just completed attending an international trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


Trade association Membership

 In order to provide meaningful help to the industry and to become an active partner in developing jute based products as also its export, Richie Bags is also  affiliated to various governmental as well as non-governmental bodies that include FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations), National Jute Board, SEDEX, etc.



If you are looking for the ideal Tote Promotional Bag for your company, look no more. Place your order for the item (with specifications, if you insist on customizing the product) with Richie Bags today against payment through International letter of credit.

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