Say Thanks to Your Customer with Something Tangible ………

True; traditional marketing method has almost been replaced today by internet or online marketing technique where people attempt to find the product or the company that produces the brand instead of vice versa. Nevertheless, companies still argue that a personal contact often surpasses technical touches in winning the heart of the customer, merely by way of saying THANKS as a means of expressing gratitude in exchange of loyalty on part of the buyer.

While “Thanks” may be considered as a many-splendored word, it will hardly carry any memorable meaning unless it also represents something tangible, such as a gift item that can be freely distributed among customers to make them more loyal to the company.

But herein lies the problem. The gift item must be attractive, useful, highly satisfying and above all cost effective. At the same time, do not get biased by the adage that people ‘will not look a gift horse in the mouth’ as this will not apply in the case of a promotional gift item given away by a renowned company. It also needs to look eye-catching and gorgeous.

If, however, as a marketing manager of a MNC you find the issue incomprehensive and baffling, let Richie Bags resolve it for you. This globally recognized company produces, among others, a wide variety of trendy Jute and Cotton Tote Bags that are simply adorable as corporate gift item. What’s more, you do not need to break the bank to indent bulk supply of such eco-friendly multi-color bags resplendent with your company logo since these will be available at highly competitive price when ordered in large quantity.


Custom Promotional Tote bags made by Richie Bags

Apart from carrying your brand name and logo, custom promotional Jute and Cotton bags made by Richie bags that have been specially ordered by you will mirror your company’s reputation in every conceivable pattern, influencing the recipient about its status in the market in no uncertain means.

Moreover, being manufactured with eco-friendly,bio-degradable Jute and Cotton fiber, thus creating neither any  health hazard for the user nor posing any threat to environmental conditions, these bags will automatically earn due respect for your company.

Yet another significant feature of promotional Jute and Cotton bags made by Richie bags is that these will create an impact that will be far more long lasting, as compared to other promotional items such as Tee Shirts, Pens and pad-folios that are bound to fade away pretty soon. In fact, these bags will remain in possession with your clients for a long time, reminding them of the products and services provided by your company. Unlike the commercials that are totally forgotten as soon as these are off the air or the ad that appear in the morning newspaper that suffer similar fate when the day is over, custom promotional Jute and Cotton Richie bags will make their place for a long time to come.


Why choose Richie Bags?

One of the strongest of reasons to choose Richie bags for supply of bulk quantity of Promotional Jute and Cotton bags for your company, revolves round decades of experience in the trade, as well as the pioneering efforts undertaken by Richie bags towards popularizing bio-degradable Jute and Cotton bags instead of plastic bags that are so very harmful for the environment. Additionally, its products are internationally acclaimed by scores of developed countries for its eco-friendly features, as a consequence of which its products are exported to to more than 25 countries including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK & USA.



Buy Promotional Jute and Cotton Tote Bags from Richie Bags for their features that stand out alone as products that do not pollute our lonely planet, but help our children grow amidst eco-friendly environment.

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