Seven Out of Ten Customers Who Buy Trendy Handbags are Women

“Women get more pleasure out of buying  handbags than any other item these days”, admitted Sunita Malhotra, shopkeeper, Janpath Market Complex, New Delhi where overseas tourists flock more often in search of colorful Indian handicrafts that include varieties of handbags, while our desi memsahibs make a bee line towards stalls selling similar items made from Cotton and Jute fibers.  “However, the trend now is more towards selecting trendy Jute and Cotton handbags, instead of bags made from synthetic material or artificial fabric, irrespective of whether the buyer is an Indian national or of foreign origin”, she added.

During the course of an informal interview conducted in New Delhi’s most popular shopping venue the other day, said Karen Russell, local correspondent for a British TV channel, “I enjoy buying a smart bag than acquiring a smart dress because it goes well with whatever I wear, regardless of whether I am attending a conference or a dinner thrown by a colleague.” “Besides, it is the most common accessory that we women use whenever going out as it holds most of the things that women like to carry along with them”, she observed.

“But seemingly your preference goes more in favor of brightly printed Jute Bags”, cooed our commentator, pointing to the bulging jute tote bag she was clutching in her arms. “Apart from the fashionable look that accompany ladies Jute carry bags that I greatly admire and like to acquire,” beamed the brunette, “I am also in favor of keeping our lonely planet as much free of pollution as possible by using consumer items that are made from eco-friendly bio-degradable raw material such as Cotton and Jute fibers” she clarified before rushing out to meet a friend.

Incidentally, Richie Bags, a globally recognized manufacturer of trendy Jute and Cotton carry bags produces an unbelievable array of these user friendly items much preferred by ladies all over the world, while exporting them to more than 25 countries that include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the United States.


What sets these products so apart from others?

True; there are quite a few Jute bag manufacturers in India, Bangladesh and Thailand that are reportedly involved in manufacturing and exporting jute and cotton bags comprising Ladies Hand bags, Cosmetic bags, Beach bags, Wine bags and Promotional Tote bags, yet some of the following factors are responsible for setting Richie Bags apart from those.

  • Raw material – Richie bags singularly uses quality fabrics that are natural and Eco-friendly & accessories that are AZO-free, REACH, CPSIA compliant.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing process – Richie bags boasts remarkable state-of-the-art manufacturing process where all the operations such as cutting, printing, stitching and packing are conducted under one roof. This eliminates any manufacturing fault and almost resembles assembly line production procedure.
  • Multi utility product range – Richie Bags products are reusable, multipurpose and elegant, while being suitable for consumers belonging to different age groups of the fairer sex.
  • Rigid Quality control – Richie Bags conducts rigid quality control that ensures faultless production.
  • Ethics – Richie Bags maintains ethics in all sphere of productivity, while employment of child labor is strictly forbidden by the company. At the same time, its work environment is scientifically controlled and hygienic for its workmen. In short, Richie Bags products are ethically produced & globally exported.
  • Research and Development – Richie bags conducts round-the-clock research towards incorporating innovative methods, effective fabricating and maintaining international design standard.


Participation in overseas Trade fairs

Richie Bags regularly participates in international Trade Fairs not only to display its head turning array of products but also to create awareness about the suitability of jute and cotton bags instead of using environment destructive plastic bags.


Trade association Membership

In order to provide meaningful help to the industry and to become an active partner in developing jute based products as also its export, Richie Bags is  affiliated to various governmental as well as non-governmental bodies that include FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations), National Jute Board, SEDEX, etc.



In order to create healthier environment for your children, you too should discourage the use of plastic carry bags forever and switch over to bio-degradable Jute bags that are useful, eco-friendly and cost effective.

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