Sustainability In 2020’s: Emerging Trends To Watch Out For In The New Decade

The increasing social upheaval and environmental disasters is a mirror to the inability of humans to protect both people and environment. The year of 2019 was lauded as the year of awakening with many people taking an interest in sustainable living. And with the beginning of the new decade in 2020, it is time to think about the environment and opt for a green living.

From the wildfire in Amazon rainforest and bushfire in Australia to widespread environmental protests in various countries all over the world, the term “crisis” was often used aptly by the media in 2019 for describing the turmoil of the last decade. Thanks to the increasing pressure from citizens, the government is changing various practices and introducing new rules for building a sustainable world. People across the world are adopting green practices like using eco-friendly jute bags.

Barrack Obama, the former president of The United States said, “Someday our children and our children’s children will look us in eye and they will ask us, did we do all that we could when we had the chance to deal with this problem and leave them a cleaner, safer and more stable world? I want to be able to say, yes we did…

Wondering what 2020 holds for you? Well, it is time to go green. Below are a few key sustainable trends of the new decade.

5 Eco-Friendly Trends To Look Out For In 2020 For A Sustainable Living

  1. Green Is Great Business

It’s already happening- businesses are taking the initiatives to do something good for the environment even while making money. Advanced green technologies can reduce energy use, industrial waste and make it cheaper for manufacturing products that benefit everyone. Today, many companies are showing greater concerns about their environmental practices in response to the concerns about their customers’ well-being and sustainability of their products for corporate growth.

  1. Mitigate The Threat Of Single-Use Plastic

Another sustainable trend to watch out for in this new decade is the changes to your relationship with plastic. Many believe that the tides are finally turning on people’s relationship with plastic. This is largely driven by the increasing awareness of ocean plastic pollution and its significant impact on aquatic life, the water and food consumed by all.

David Attenborough, a broadcaster and natural historian who has narrated BBC natural history documentaries for more than 50 years, says, “Industrial pollution and the discarding of plastic waste must be tackled for the sake of all life in the ocean”.

  1. Switch From Plastic Bags To Jute Bags

People use more than a billion plastic bags in a single year and only 1% of such bags are returned for recycling. The rest of these non-biodegradable bags end up in waterways or in landfills. And switching to the products offered by the best eco-friendly bags manufacturer in India is the easiest plastic swap you can make.

In the long run, using bio-degradable bags can be a much more cost-effective option. With stores in many countries introducing charges for single-use plastic bags, carrying reusable jute bags whenever you go out shopping can be an excellent choice. Not only are these products eco-friendly, but also durable and helpful.

  1. Water Resource Management

In this decade, efforts to conserve water will be of very significant as new technologies address purification. Clean water technologies can considerably improve the supply and quality of fresh water to the people around the world and help in preventing the extension of waste areas and desserts. Neither is gray water fresh nor is it heavily contaminated as it comes from houses like baths, showers, dishwashers and sinks. This makes water resource management an essential consideration.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former head of the Soviet Union said, “We must treat water as if it were the most precious thing in the world, the most valuable natural resource. Be economical with water! Don’t waste it! We still have time to do something about this problem before it is too late.”

  1. Wide Availability Of Green Products

Another major sustainability trend emerging in this new decade is the increasing availability of products and services that are safe for the environment. More and more consumers will prefer buying green products over the non-biodegradable ones. Modern consumers will be more informed and educated about the attributes of what they buy and will thus opt for reusable products like jute beach bags. This is because of the information available to them, particularly through the internet.

Final Thoughts:

If sustainability leaders around the world – including politicians, businesses, teachers, parents, students and individuals – can co-ordinate their efforts around the emerging eco-friendly trends, we can hope for a better future. Time to make a difference and save the Earth!

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