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Love The Earth And Your Beloved: Celebrate A Sustainable Valentine’s Day

More than a billion cards are sent every year, with almost each of them ending up in landfills – covered in glitters, metallic effects, and laminated in plastic. These are hardly recyclable. Those lovely bouquets of red roses pollute the soil, air, and water with agrochemicals that are used to grow them at a large

Climate Change Triggering Large Scale Migration In Sundarbans

Along with ecological experts, the sponsors of Richie Bags and Fashions P. Ltd, dedicated protector of our lonely planet against plastic and sundry other pollutions agree that people in Sundarbans have started migrating towards cities with ever increasing vulnerability due to climate change and fast dwindling opportunities of livelihood.  “People from Indian part of Sundarbans

Do We Need To Fix a Date To Remind Us Of Our Duty To Mother Earth?

“When I think of you (God) deep in my heart, mused Tagore, I perceive you sometimes; but why not every day? He rued. The inner meaning of this poem revolves round the fact that if you are really concerned about something, such as the ills of mother earth and your duty to save her from the ills,

Not The Snows of Kilimanjaro, But The Glaciers of Mt. Everest That Needs a Himalayan Spring Cleaning

The snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro might have held the secrets of Earnest Hemingway that is difficult to decipher after the Nobel laureate’s suicidal death in 1961, but who is going to solve the Himalayan problem of removing tons of plastic  and sundry other waste from the face of the world’s highest mountain peak that has

Richie Bags and Fashions contributes towards halting climate change; why don’t you do it too?

But before getting into the heart of the matter, it might be prudent to clarify what is climate change and how it affects us. Meanwhile, people all over the world have come to realize that climate change is one of the greatest threats that is facing our lonely planet and unless we do something to

World Environment Day and its aftermath

While India hosted World Environment Day with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” people from all over the country contributed towards the cause. Here are a few excerpts to draw your attention towards the harmful effect caused by one-time use plastic vis-à-vis how to reduce plastic pollution. Disposable plastic pens pose bigger problem than we think,

On The Footsteps Of a Great Warrior

History has shown us more often than not some individual or a sect stand out from the crowd, protesting against an evil practice others have endured long enough. Such individuals or the sects had to withstand many hardships, fighting against evil practices, often paying heavy penalty for exhibiting such outstanding work, playing the role of

Save The Lonely Planet – Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Surprisingly enough, in less than two hundred years of industrial revolution, we have managed to deteriorate our habitat, the lonely planet that had taken millions of years to make life pleasurable for Adam and Eve. As a matter of fact, we had behaved like spoiled children, regardless of what we had been doing in the

An Interesting Conversation Piece

Biodegradable jute and cotton gift bags are currently quite popular with all sections of people that include individuals and corporate top guns alike. The issue came up for discussion in a friendly gathering the other day.  Said the host pouring a soft drink for one of her guests, “Whenever I visit Goa for a short

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Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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