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Not The Snows of Kilimanjaro, But The Glaciers of Mt. Everest That Needs a Himalayan Spring Cleaning

The snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro might have held the secrets of Earnest Hemingway that is difficult to decipher after the Nobel laureate’s suicidal death in 1961, but who is going to solve the Himalayan problem of removing tons of plastic  and sundry other waste from the face of the world’s highest mountain peak that has

Biggest Joke Of The Year

It took us remorseful number of calendar years to realize that we are fast moving towards destruction and death by ushering in worldwide climate change, caused due to slow but steady global warming that has to be checked by all means. With a view to achieving this goal, constitutional heads of 194 nations met in

Can You Protect The Planet From Pollution With Proclamation?

Read on to know the truth. However, two significant trends originating in the recent years are beginning to tell the tale – Globalization of environmental protection and new enactments to curb pollution.   Globalization Of Environmental Protection Pollution in the air, soil and water has become the largest cause of death in the world, according

Futuristic Plastic-Free Lunar Colony

Since it is almost impractical to rid our over polluted planet of plastic waste, we might as well look forward towards a plastic-free Lunar Colony in not too distant future. Outlook Even a few years ago, the prospect of founding an enduring human settlement on the moon was nothing but a Sci-Fi topic. Over and

Half a Degree More And You Are Gone!

Limiting global warming to half a degree Celsius from now means the world can keep ‘a semblance’ of the ecosystem we have, says a UN report. Otherwise, as we can see, that semblance will be lost, resulting in total disaster. Incidentally, the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has also issued its ominous report

Plastic Pollution Can be Controlled, But What About Pollution Of Our National Characteristics?

There was a time when we initiated campaigns against the use of plastic carry bags all over the country. We also appealed shopkeepers to refrain from delivering merchandise in plastic containers, while stalwarts like Richie Bags and Fashions P. Ltd had waged nationwide war against supply and manufacture of single use plastic bag. The collective

How a cosmetic bag changed the life of a problem child

Roma was a problem child at the age of six. Her problem started from the day her mother Swati left home one evening and never returned, while father Swarup was thunderstruck at the sudden catastrophe, not knowing how to console the bewildered child. For the first week or so, Roma just wept. Then she became

If you ever wonder why a girl needs a Tote Bag so badly, there are reasons galore behind such need

Especially so, if it happens to be a Richie Bags brand Jute or Canvas Tote Bag that is  numero uno fashion statement with most teen agers the world over. Apart from being eco-friendly and biodegradable, these multi-use multi-color Tote Bags are a girl’s constant companion, regardless of whether she is going on a date or

Yet Another Plastic Menace Appearing High On The Horizon

Even before the massive warfare launched by the directors of Richie Bags and Fashion P. Ltd and others against use of plastic carry bags almost a decade ago to prevent plastic poisoning and resultant harm to humanity could take full effect, another plastic menace is appearing high on the horizon. While the planet’s land surface

Say Thanks to Your Customer with Something Tangible ………

True; traditional marketing method has almost been replaced today by internet or online marketing technique where people attempt to find the product or the company that produces the brand instead of vice versa. Nevertheless, companies still argue that a personal contact often surpasses technical touches in winning the heart of the customer, merely by way

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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