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Learning for Lasting Peace: How International Day of Education Could Be A Corporate Endeavour

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In 2019, the United Nations General Assembly declared January 24th as the International Day of Education. As a global observance day, it is an occasion to spread global awareness and participation in prioritising education as a fundamental principle of life, a human right, a public good and a responsibility. This year, January 24, 2024, will

Wake-Up Call: EEA Reveals 1200 Young Lives Succumb to Air Pollution in Europe Each Year

According to a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), air pollution causes the death of more than 1200 children and teenagers in Europe annually. Additionally, it greatly raises the risk of developing ailments later in life. Despite recent improvements, the EEA reported that numerous European nations’ critical air pollution levels stubbornly remain above

Go Green With Eco-Friendly Bags For A Sustainable Earth

The year is 2021. Sustainability is the new norm, recycling is officially cool, single-use plastics are out of the market, and eco-friendly bags have become the new normal. Plastic pollution is a nightmare to this day. From massive garbage heaps and clogged drains to posing a threat to wildlife and releasing toxins to the environment,

Go Biodegradable With Wholesale Promotional Jute Bags & Make A Difference To Your Marketing

Do you wish to promote your business in style? Are you on the lookout for a greener and cost-effective way to market your brand? Spreading your branding message with sustainable wholesale jute bags can not only make an eco-friendly statement, but also deliver amazing ROI. When it comes to branding or marketing, you need to

Give The Gift Of Jute Christmas Bags To Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

With Christmas fast approaching and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the gift rush is peaking at this time of the year. But, are you confused about what to get for your dear ones to make the holidays truly special for them? Opt for customized jute Christmas bags – the perfect gifts that are

Australian Bushfires: Lessons The World Can Learn To Avoid Catastrophe

Fire tornadoes, orange sky, koalas on fire, baby kangaroos hanging on fence wires and petrified people being evacuated constantly. These are the images of Australia – a continent in flames since September 2019. The destructive wildfires have engulfed cities and communities, leaving thousands of people homeless. Since time immemorial, bush fires have been common throughout

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Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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