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How Can Jute Cosmetic Bags Make All The Difference To Customers?

Do you wish to make your company more memorable to potential customers? Are you on the lookout for promotional merchandise to boost your sales and increase brand awareness? Jute cosmetic bags may be the best and most efficient way of getting promoted with your company logo, name, website, or value proposition. Cosmetic bags will not

Sustainability In 2020’s: Emerging Trends To Watch Out For In The New Decade

The increasing social upheaval and environmental disasters is a mirror to the inability of humans to protect both people and environment. The year of 2019 was lauded as the year of awakening with many people taking an interest in sustainable living. And with the beginning of the new decade in 2020, it is time to

Let Your Intuition Be Guided By Your Zodiac Signs – For Contentment And Pleasure

Let me be a bit frank about us that include me Arun, my wife Rita and our daughter Dimple who firmly believe in Astrology and are guided by our Zodiac signs in all walks of life. We are also pretty sure of our likes and dislikes which none can make or break, no matter how

Why Beach Beauties Prefer Jute Beach Bags

Notwithstanding the much publicized but poorly reviewed American action comedy film Baywatch, shot in Florida Bay (released on May 25, 2017) where eco-conscious Priyanka Chopra acted, you will be happy to see an amazing range of jute beach bags carried by beach beauties in some of the world’s loveliest bays and beaches, such as Pampelonne

Be a Trend Setter – Use Fancy Biodegradable Handbags

Even though you may be familiar with all too common purses, totes, shoulder bags or sac-a-mains, the handbag today is an item lusted after by women world over like never before. Despite being born out of necessity during the Middle Ages, handbags have traversed a long way to the glitz and glamour of the designer

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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