Yipee!! Eco Friendly Jute Bags Contribute To The Exponential Growth Of Indian Exports

Indiaโ€™s exports swelled fastest in 5 years by 4.7% reaching $274.65 million during financial year 2016-17, despite the demonetization drive that reportedly slowed domestic economic activities since almost a year. Whatโ€™s more, it included a novelty item such as biodegradable fancy jute bags comprising Tote Bag, Beach Bag, Cosmetic Bag, Wine bottle carry Bag and

You Have Yet To See A Sales Guru Such As Mike Who Attempted To Sell The Brooklyn Bridge

My memory may have been playing trick with me, but I distinctly remember that it was the same guy who tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to buy the Empire State Building in New York City and had the guts to ย sell oodles of Richie Bags brand Promotional Bags to a wide range of large

Handbag Means Many Things for a Woman

While some consider that the handbag craze has gone kaput with women, others think differently. The It bag, or an iconic, classy handbag, they believe, have never gone out of style. Right from Audrey Hepburn toting her Prada en route to the airport or Grace Kelly covering her belly with a Hermes Kelly Bag, handbags

We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

Apart from the premium quality fashion bags and shopping bags, we also manufacture other home & lifestyle products made of jute, cotton, and recycled materials. Keep exploring to make the most of our sustainable resources. .

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