What Richie Bags Assumes Today, The World Will Assume Tomorrow

As one of the premiere proponents of Green Earth and Clean Earth, Richie Bags not only dedicate their services towards development of Jute (and Cotton) carry bags that are now replacing plastic (and paper) carry bags, so very injurious to the world environment but are also determined to bring the awareness about why we should go for Eco-friendly Reusable Jute Bags.  Here are some of the reasons that the nature-friendly company puts forward towards justifying their belief.

1. Just how long do you think it takes for a single-use plastic bag to decompose or decay and thus get obliterated from the face of the earth? It’s not ten, fifteen or thirty years as you might have presumed. Amazing, yet true, a plastic bag can take anything up to 1,500 years to break down and become eliminated from the surface of our lonely planet. And till that period it continues to pollute the mother earth with its toxic properties. In terms of prolonged poisonous existence, the single-use paper bag is no less harmful than its plastic counterpart. A jute bag, on the other hand, degrades biologically with 1 – 2 years, thus saving the planet from contamination. What’s more, it is a reusable eco-friendly product, meaning that it can be used over and over again sans contributing to pollution.

2. Studies have revealed that around a million birds, 100,000 turtles and numerous other marine animals get perished every year due to ingestion of plastic bags thrown out indiscriminately after a single use that eventually reach the oceans through various channels. The marine mammals consume these floating bags erroneously as natural food, such as plankton or jellyfish, while the plastic blocks their digestive tracts, causing death due to starvation. Fortunately for us, eco-friendly reusable jute bags get automatically perished long before causing such large scale destruction or death.

3. Since the cost of recycling one-time use plastic bags far outweigh their original value, most recycling facilities refuse to treat these for recycling and as a result these are thrown out arbitrarily along with other trash, adding to further pollution. As the question of recycling reusable jute bags does not arise for realistic reasons, the matter ends there.

4. As indicated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency which was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment that has been collecting data in regard to plastic bags, only 2% of plastic bags are recycled in Uncle Sam’s own country, while in other countries and continents, it is 0%. The result obviously is disastrous since the bulk of these toxic bags is either used as landfills or is allowed to contaminate our oceans. However, the worst part of the whole story is that most of these plastic carry bags, due to their light weight are prone to be flown away, littering the roads, blocking sewerage channels and cluttering heavenly beaches. No wonder, service agencies in California are spending more than $300 million on cleaning up coastal litter every year.

5. In terms of cost of production, both plastic and paper carry bags are immense too. It takes more than 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture plastic bags that people in the United States use every year, while 14r million trees are cut down to supply raw material to make paper shopping bags. In terms of energy too, paper bags outnumber their plastic cousins. It takes 13% extra energy to produce a piece of paper bag than to produce two plastic bags. Compared to this, the raw material for reusable jute bags is negligible – being naturally grown fiber.



Barring a minority of consumers that ruefully yearn for plastic and paper shopping bags, the vast majority of people living all over our lonely planet are  becoming conscious of the hazards associated with the use of these harmful products, while looking forward towards worldwide production of reusable eco friendly jute and cotton bags. And the day is not far off when the creators of Richie Bags would enjoy immense relief to see their efforts bearing fruit.

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