Why Beach Beauties Prefer Jute Beach Bags

Notwithstanding the much publicized but poorly reviewed American action comedy film Baywatch, shot in Florida Bay (released on May 25, 2017) where eco-conscious Priyanka Chopra acted, you will be happy to see an amazing range of jute beach bags carried by beach beauties in some of the world’s loveliest bays and beaches, such as Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez; Prado Beaches, Marseille; Paloma Beach, Saint-Jean-Ferrat and many more. What may surprise you more is that most of these products are exclusively made and marketed by world leader in creating eco-friendly hand bags, Richie Bags.

What Makes These Beauties Opt For Jute Beach Bag?

To begin with, there has been a new awakening! People at long last have come to realize the evil or harmful effects of using plastic goods, especially once-usable plastic bags that have polluted the environment to umpteenth degree and destroyed marine life in a massive way. Pretty often we find carcasses of Blue Whales (Balaenoptera Musculus) the largest of animals on earth being swept ashore after being killed with plastic bags ingested by them. As for plastic bags in landfills, it may take centuries to eradicate the toxic effects that are bound to contaminate and poison the crop, regardless of whatever steps we may take to save the produce.

Plastic Waste And Its Harmful Effects

One of the biggest problems that cause concern is the plastic waste. It simply refuses to disintegrate, no matter how best you may try to help doing it. Studies reveal that a plastic waste may take around one hundred years or more to fully disintegrate or break up. Jute, on the other hand, being a vegetable product and so a natural fiber takes only a couple of years or less to go back to mother earth when left alone. Sun rays, precipitation and sundry other factors help the disintegration in a big way.

So, a Jute Beach Bag, jute cosmetic bag, jute tote bag, a jute wine bottle bag or any such fast disintegrating product will never pose any environmental hazard, whereas a plastic bag will certainly do.
Needless to say, today’s women, along with their men folk are well aware of such plastic related calamities and so will always go for jute beach bag for the sake of protecting the atmosphere.

More Reasons Why Ladies Prefer Jute Beach Bags Made By Richie Bags

  • Convenience – Jute Beach Bags made and marketed by Richie Bags are roomy enough to hold towels, sun tan lotion, UV corrected sunglasses, a change of clothes, a bikini, a soft drink bottle, as well as a paperback. What’s more, a jute beach bag remains unaffected by sea water that proves harmful for leather or other types of bags.
  • Attractiveness – Jute Beach Bags made by Richie Bags are fashionable, trendy and colorful enough to accompany a family beach party.
  • Durable – Jute Beach Bags made by Richie Bags are not only great in looks abut also are most durable. In fact, a single bag can last several beach parties, if carefully stored in the house.
  • Affordable – Jute Beach Bags made by Richie bags are priced moderately, so that people may buy these inexpensive yet highly useful products without feeling a pinch in their pockets.
  • Reusable – All varieties of Jute Beach Bags are hundred percent reusable and so are much liked by consumers.

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