World Environment Day 2021 And An Eco-Friendly Bag- What Does Ecosystem Restoration Really Mean To Us

World Environment Day turns 47 in 2021. This year, the theme is Ecosystem Restoration, denoted by the phrase, REIMAGINE. RECREATE. RESTORE. Hosted by Pakistan, the occasion would also mark the launch of The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration – which is a Global Rally that brings together the Generation Restoration in a bid to spread awareness and get active in restoring the 8 key ecosystems – Forests, Oceans & Coastlines, Urban Areas, Freshwater, Peatlands, Farmlands, Grasslands & Savannah, Mountains with also includes the Polar Regions.

Key conservation guidelines have been put together for each of the 8 ecosystems. For the steps that would take the collaboration of citizens, governments, the industrial sector along with the participation of influential people, it is an established fact that Environmental Conservation is a lot about Urban Conservation as well. It is by restoring the balance of human lifestyle, industrial methods and Governments fulfilling their commitments, that can finally bring the eco-balance to a full circle.

For example, if the oceans are cleaned or populations of endangered marine animals are restored, there is no guarantee that there won’t be any further marine pollution or unsustainable fishing activities in future without restorative Government Rules and adequate protection measures. Similarly, there is also the need to look into alternatives so that fishermen don’t need to go for Unstable Fishing to sustain their livelihoods. So for balance, we need new reforms, new methods and new perspectives that have something for everyone.

What Does Ecosystem Restoration Mean To Us At Richie Bags

Being a leading Eco-Bags Manufacturer and Exporter in India, we are lucky to be closer to the Golden Fibre – Jute. As we supplied our Jute Fashion Bags, Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags as well raw materials to businesses across the world, we have witnessed the incredible potentials of sustainable packaging, eco-friendly promotions and conscious fashion.

Furthermore, the talk of restoration is much more significant for us because we have been practising sustainable production methods since the beginning and have set benchmarks for other industries.

The Power Of An Eco-Friendly Bag

They say, “If the buying stops, the killing can too”.

We believe, “If there is an eco-friendly alternative that is enriched with social values, then maybe the buying can stop, and then the killing can stop too…. “

There is magic in Beauty, Grace, Joy and Style – that’s what we call Luxury. For a long time, the concept of “Luxury” has been associated with materials that can be extremely damaging to the ecosystem. But as time changes and designers and creators are adding new perspectives, that makes eco-friendly visions more and more real and attractive, even Luxurious, the leaning towards harmful materials are rapidly deteriorating.

And eco-bags being one of the most iconic Sustainable Products exported across the world by suppliers like Richie Bags, the product has gained a powerful status. Because there are dynamic uses of product – it can be packaging, it can be fashion, it can be Home Decor and it can be an excellent Corporate Promotional Good.

What We Mean By Eco-Friendly

Now, what really makes up a product Eco-Friendly?

You might say it is the material – like Jute and Cotton.

But we say, it is not all about the material, but also about the production process.

At Richie Bags we endorse sustainable production processes!

  • Our products are highly renowned for being 100% Eco-Friendly.
  • We do not use harmful chemical dyes
  • We are against Child Labor or Forced Labor and pay our workers handsomely
  • We practice reduced carbon footprint – in the best ways possible
  • We maintain 100% adherence to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • We strive for Carbon Neutrality – we use State-of-the-art equipment and devices that have zero to minimum emission of Carbon Dioxide that can be lethal for plants and small animals.
  • We have minimal dependence on carbon-emitting fuels and we ensure that minimum energy is needed for our factory production

We have tie-ups with several NGOs and Organisations working towards Environmental Restoration and we continue to support and assist them in their projects related to the welfare of both society and the environment.

We are already a part of the Generation Restoration. And we would continue to be so!

And on that note of positivity, we at Richie Bags Pv. Ltd. wish everyone a very Hopeful World Environment Day!

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