World Soil Day 2022: Let’s Promise To Conserve Soil & Protect Biodiversity

World Soil Day is observed on 5th December every year to raise awareness about managing soil resources sustainably. The day is held as a means to pay attention to the significance of healthy soil and advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources.

The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) suggested a global day to commemorate soil in 2002. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supported the proper establishment of World Soil Day. The FAO Conference collectively sanctioned World Soil Day in 2013 and requested its official adoption. The U.N. General Assembly answered by assigning December 5, 2014, as the first World Soil Day officially.

Soil is maybe one of the most undervalued natural resources. Without soil, it wouldn’t have been possible for humans to build important structures, grow food, or even craft earthen utensils. It is responsible for offering us shelter, nutrition, and much more. Hence, World Soil Day holds an important place in the preservation of the planet.

Here’s everything you need to know about soil.

Word Soil Day 2022 – Theme

Every year, the United Nations announces a new theme or campaign for World Soil Day and the celebrations for 5th December revolved around the same. This year, the theme of World Soil Day is “Soils: Where food begins.” The campaign aims to increase awareness of the significance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and well-being of humans. This theme addresses the rising challenges in soil management, increasing soil alertness, and encouraging societies to enhance soil health.

Facts You Need To Know About Soil

  • 95% of our total food comes from the soil.
  • 33% of soils are degraded.
  • 18 naturally occurring chemical elements are crucial to plants and soil supply 15.
  • Up to 58% of our food can be produced through sustainable soil management.
  • Agricultural production needs to increase by 60% for meeting the global food demand in 2050.

Conversation Of Soil – The Need Of The Hour

Once plastic bags start breaking down in the soil, they release harmful substances. Only a small percentage of plastic that’s thrown away daily is recycled. Much of plastic bags end up in landfills where the harmful compounds can leach into both soil and water. Soil contamination has a huge impact on the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the health of people. In fact, the quality of soil deteriorates over the long run when constant littering of plastic takes place.

Combating plastic pollution is absolutely essential to save nature. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose eco-friendly bags. Reusable bags are made from renewable resources for preventing the buildup of greenhouse gases. When reusable bags are made from materials like cotton or jute, the environment reaps great benefits. Since these renewable materials have a quick growth rate, the plants can be harvested and new crops can be planted quickly.

How To Get Involved With World Soil Day?

  • Plant more trees that are native to your region on lands with degraded soil.
  • Lower your carbon footprint by reducing the usage of petroleum products and consumption of highly processed food.
  • Organize a compost file with friends, families, and neighbors to start a community garden.
  • Recycle food waste into compost piles rather than sending it to landfills for releasing methane gas into the atmosphere as this creates more global warming problems.
  • Support non-profit organizations, communities, and activists working to educate ordinary people about the significance of soil.
  • Interact, discuss, comment, and share stories about World Soil Day on social media.

Take The Pledge To Save Future!

It’s absolutely essential for our future – both immediate and distant, that the topsoil on our planet is saved from natural disasters as well as man-made catastrophes. Without fertile sediments of topsoil, we won’t be able to produce food grains and there will be a drastic decrease in groundwater levels. Remember; even a small change like bringing your groceries home in eco-friendly bags can set off a chain of events that help the environment in many ways.

Our forests will be eradicated without fertile soil, thus drastically reducing oxygen percentage and affecting precipitation levels. With so much at stake, it’s high time we pledge to work towards growing more trees that will prevent soil erosion and help us protect our future.

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