You Have Yet To See A Sales Guru Such As Mike Who Attempted To Sell The Brooklyn Bridge

My memory may have been playing trick with me, but I distinctly remember that it was the same guy who tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to buy the Empire State Building in New York City and had the guts to  sell oodles of Richie Bags brand Promotional Bags to a wide range of large corporate houses, making a pile of money in the process.


However, he also had the brains that helped him convince clients about putting in money in jute promotional bags, arguing his case in the following fashion.


“You would be contributing towards a better tomorrow, a greener planet” he would contend, looking straight at the eyes of the corporate buyer, “because you are investing money for a good cause, making customers take the right direction by way of discouraging the use of harmful plastic bags, replacing these with nature friendly biodegradable jute shopping bags.” But this super salesperson wouldn’t stop there, continuing his argument in favor of why jute/cotton/canvas shopping bags manufactured by globally recognized Richie Bags will prove to be the ideal gift for loyal customers. Nevertheless, here are some of the factors put forward by our hero.


  • Jute Promotional Bags with the company’s logo printed in bold color will work as low-cost advert
  • Jute Promotional Bags will outlast plastic promotional bags many times.
  • Jute Promotional Bags have lower CO2 footprint
  • Jute Promotional Bags have lower water footprint
  • Jute Promotional Bags have lower ecological footprint
  • Jute Promotional Bags are reusable and eco friendly and, therefore, appreciated by all
  • By distributing Jute Promotional Bags among customers, the company will create compassion among nations that have already banned the use of plastic bags, suggesting use of alternatives.


However, his next conquest centered round Richie Bags brand of Jute Wine Bottle Bags, for which he had devised a different technique. Choosing festival days, he would visit wine shops far and wide, offering them handsome rebates on bulk purchase, plus free printing of shop name and phone number. This added attraction, he would argue, will help escalate sales as recipients of these bags will become future customers, thereby creating free advert.


Needless to say, this area of approach worked well and he made money out of this simple, yet effective sales technique.


Incidentally, I have yet to see what other sales procedure this ingenious person might have developed to sell bulk quantity of Richie Bags brand Beach Bags, Tote Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Draw String Bags as also, Backpacks that are most popular with the young generation these days.

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