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Product Detail

product Detail

Jute braids

Item Code : J001

Category : Burlap products Bags

Size : Length: 3 bm, 15 m, 350 m or made to order

Material : Jute

Color Available : Natural

Tag Line :

Jute Braids

Usage : High-strength ropes can withstand multiple treatments, like weaving, tying, bleaching and dying. These are extremely versatile and can be used to create both machine made or handmade items like bags, clothes and shoes.

Application : Fashion Industry, Agriculture Packaging, Industrial Use, Home Decor Items, Lights & Chandelier, Rugs & Textile Industry


Jute braids and coir roping can be used not only for binding trees and plants. We supply braids and roping in different packing units available for wholesale as well as for retail trade. In case of