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Product Detail

product Detail

Hessian Burlap Bag

Item Code : H002

Category : Burlap products Bags

Size : Different sizes are available.

Material : Burlap

Color Available : Any colors for you need.

Tag Line :

Hessian Burlap Bag

Usage : Colored Hessian Bags are ideally used for packaging Tea & Coffee, for keeping it fresh and dry for a long period of time. These bags can be used for long-term, washed and reused without losing it

Application : Agrotextile Industry, Agriculture Packaging, Tea & Coffee Packaging, Art & Handicrafts, Corporate Gifting, Planting & Gardening, Fashion Industry, Home Decor


We offer natural and colored Hessian Burlap Bag. These bags are used for commercial purpose especially in packing in Agro-based industries for packing , tea, coffee, potatoes,