A Richie Bag Can be the Best Birthday Gift

Young, adolescent college girl Ruchi was determined to have a Hermes leather handbag as birthday gift while mother Neelam insisted on presenting her with a Cedar Grove Jute Fashion Bag made and marketed by renowned manufacturer Richie Bags & Fashions P. Ltd. When indignant Ruchi protested with tears in her eyes, saying she wouldn’t have any birthday gift at all, Neelam told her a fascinating story of how gifts are bestowed in different parts of the world. Momentarily, Ruchi seemed to forget her woes, listening to her mother in rapt attention.


Though giving gifts is universal, Neelam explained, gift culture varies from country to country, while birthdays are celebrated in various ways all over the world. For instance, Swedes celebrate birthdays with Breakfast in Bed; giving someone a piece of firewood is considered the best birthday gift in rural Russia. She also hastened to add that Santa Claus, the legendary giver of gifts originates from a tiny town in Turkey and not from a cave in Lapland, as believed by many.


However, to hold the attention of her daughter, Neelam continued with her fascinating tale of how gifts are given and accepted by people living worldwide. According to her, Lottery Ticket Gift Basket is the most treasured Birthday Gift in Britain, while birthdays are not formally celebrated in China until one turns 60.


In India, Birthday Gift is customarily given and accepted in right hand as the left hand is considered inauspicious for such occasions.  Also, monetary Birthday Gift all over the country is given in odd number than in even number as this carries a note of goodwill and benevolence. So, cash Birthday Gifts in the Indian subcontinent invariably changes hand in the form of Rs.51; Rs.501 or Rs.1001.


In Israel, Neelam asserted that people fail to find joy in sending or receiving Happy Birthday Cards. What is more, while Jews residing in the United States enjoy exchanging gifts during Hanukkah, their Israeli counterparts abhor such celebrations.


Gifting etiquette in Japan may seem odd to many. It stipulates that Birthday Gifts should be turned down at least three times before these are accepted. Moreover, men are supposed to refund the value of their gifts threefold on March 14 as a measure of courtesy


Birthdays are seldom observed, Neelam commented, by Native Americans. However, during weddings and ‘Powwow’ revelry, guests receive gifts instead of being observed otherwise.


As Ruchi had evidently recovered from her affliction, listening to the bizarre birthday stories, Neelam thought it most appropriate to convince her daughter about the benefits of owning and using a Cedar Grove Jute Fashion Bag from the collection of Richie Bags & Fashions P. Ltd.


Since these bags are made from nature-friendly biodegradable material (jute), asserted Neelam, people would appreciate Ruchi’s selection as a pioneer in resolving atmospheric pollution. Additionally, these multicolor bags are currently considered fashion statements. What is more, these bags are washable and reusable, while matching with costume for going to the college or while visiting friends.


Thank God, the issue was amicably settled between the mother and daughter, while a cute Fashion Bag was acquired at a reasonable cost.

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