Be a Trend Setter – Use Fancy Biodegradable Handbags

Even though you may be familiar with all too common purses, totes, shoulder bags or sac-a-mains, the handbag today is an item lusted after by women world over like never before. Despite being born out of necessity during the Middle Ages, handbags have traversed a long way to the glitz and glamour of the designer and fashion venues of the digital world. Rising far above from becoming a mere functional accessory, handbag today is a fashion statement that no one could deny. The type and style of handbag a woman sports invariably matches the event or the surroundings in which she feels most comfortable in. Not unlikely, the industry too understands the urge, producing handbags in multitudes of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. A visit to any of the popular US shopping malls such as the Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord  & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, etc will convince you about their overall popularity.


Unbranded Handbags

Yet another fad that may surprise you most is the current trend of choosing unbranded handbags, instead of high end designer label bags. The raison d’être for such preference is as simple as it is practical – the fashion bag lens has shifted to high-tech mobile friendly handbags that fit your iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 plus, lip gloss and credit card sans any hassle. No wonder designers have now joined the tech bandwagon en masse to produce mobile friendly handbags in multiple hues and patterns.


Ground-breaking Trend

However, the ground-breaking trend set by a comparatively new entrant Richie Bags that have appeared in the highly competitive hand bag market is the trendy eco friendly handbags that are made with jute and cotton fibers – products that have earned worldwide admiration for their biodegradable properties. While hand bags made with synthetic materials such as faux leather are difficult to destroy after use due to ageing or discoloration, thus causing pollution to the environment, jute and cotton handbags made by Richie Bags  are routinely absorbed into the mother earth, leaving zero contamination for our lonely planet.


What a great collection

Yet it is also amazing the collection of biodegradable jute and cotton bags that this innovative company offers for sale throughout the world. Richie Bags currently exports their products to more than 25 world countries that include France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK , U.S.A and many more. In fact, a large number of overseas importers, food and beverage packing industries, books and periodicals publishers, pharmaceuticals manufacturing units, shopping malls, wineries and many more that form the bulk of their customers.

As for variety and assortment, there are designs galore to choose from. For those who are frequent fliers, there is a wide collection of user friendly Tote Bags, while beach lovers invariably go for jute Beach Bags. However, for people always on the go, the best thing would be a well chosen handbag.

Nevertheless, when searching for a promotional handbag as a gift item for your loyal customers, why not visit the company’s website to select one that suits you best and then place a bulk order for it against payment through overseas Letter of credit. You may rest assured that the shipping will be effected within the scheduled date of delivery.



Be a trend setter yourself. Use fancy jute and cotton handbags made and marketed by Richie Bags to save the environment that is already vitiated by carbon footprint. Let your children breathe fresh air once again.

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