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About Us

Establishment & Experience

Richie Bags—Great things come in small packages. Richie Bags as a company started out small. Its beginnings were humble, but the company owners had the zeal and drive to succeed. The company was established in 1996 as a manufacturer and exporter of Jute and Cotton Bags/accessories. Having years of experience, hard work, and customer-centric service approach, the company is today among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Jute and Cotton Bags. It provides high quality, eco-friendly products to not just people of India, but to companies abroad as well.

Today, Riche Bags has a foothold in more than 25 countries. The list includes countries like Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the USA. Our customers are varied as well and include leading Importers, Wholesalers, Stockists, Magazine Companies, Cosmetic Brands, Multinational Banks, Pharmaceutical Industry, Book Publishers, Departmental Stores, Chain Stores, Souvenir Product Dealers, Food Product Companies, Wineries etc.

We offer you various kinds of products. We have designed them so that they can fulfill various roles or requirements. Our product lines include Beach Bags, Promotional Bags, Wine Bottle Bags, Multipurpose Bags, Nature Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Fashion Bags, Skin Smarties, Drawstring Bags, Back Packs and Small Wonders.

Our products are famed for being 100% eco-friendly. These do not contain any chemicals at all which can prove to be harmful to the environment.


From the onset Richie Bags desired to have products which would project certain characteristics of the company to the public. These are:

Eco-friendly: Our products are made from Jute and Cotton. These are absolutely eco-friendly in nature. When you buy our products, you are doing a great service to the environment!

Affordable: Our products are carefully priced to keep them affordable for everyone. We like everyone to benefit from our products.

Fashionable: Our Jute and Cotton handbags are highly fashionable and stylish. We infuse them with the latest trends so that you can appear stylish whenever you go out with them.

Re-usable: All of our products are reusable, unlike plastic items. These are long lasting as well! A typical jute handbag takes about 2 years to decompose.

Multi-purpose: Jute and Cotton handbags are designed not for a particular purpose. For instance, you can use the handbags for more than shopping.

Good Quality: All of our products are made from high-quality materials in order to make them sturdy, strong and long lasting without compromising on the aesthetics.

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We have an advanced and sophisticated production facility, in which various processes like Cutting, Printing, Stitching and Packing take place under one roof. The raw materials we use are completely free of AZO. These are REACH and CPSIA compliant as well. In addition, we are members of SEDEX & certified by SGS for SA 8000 too.

Production Capacity

2.5 - 3 million pcs. per annum.


Richie Bags employs more than 100 individuals and dedicated workers in its manufacturing units. These facilities encapsulate a healthy working environment where people can work cordially. We do not employ child labor.

Product Range

We offer you a wide range of products which reflect the market demand. These are fashionable, multipurpose and eco-friendly. Our range of products includes - *Bottle Bags, *Beach Bags, *Christmas Bags, *Carry Bags, *Fashion Bags, *Promotion Bags, *Gift Bags, *Tote Bags and much more.

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Mission & Vision

Our main mission and vision are to make this world plastic free. This is not an easy job, but Richie Bags is more ready than ever in taking up this worthy challenge. We seek to use only eco-friendly, bio-degradable and renewable resources. Here are what we believe in and offer accordingly:

  • 1) Our products are designed carefully to reflect the latest styles and trends. But that is not the foremost of their qualities. All of our products are eco-friendly and customer centric.
  • 2) Our production process is completely environment-friendly. You can be rest assured that in making our products, no water body was polluted by effluents, no local community was affected adversely and no pollution was caused.
  • 3) At our manufacturing centers, the quality control team pays attention to the finished products so that you get the best products.
  • 4) We bring you premium grade products at unbelievable prices.
  • 5) Our products are customized as per the requirement of the client.
  • 6) The customer is always important to us. This is why we strive to offer complete satisfaction to the customer.
  • 7) We seek to maintain a professional yet cordial relationship between suppliers, vendors and customers.


We conduct our work according to these principles:

  • Honesty : In the world of business, honesty is always given the first place. We offer only genuine products and therefore strive to be loyal and honest with customers.
  • Commitment : We honor our commitments to our clients and always meet deadlines and targets.
  • Integrity : With a world-class manufacturing process, our products are premium grade as well as authentic.
  • Loyalty : We always strive to develop a good relationship with our customers and remain loyal to them.
  • Abide by Law : Richie Bags abides by all laws of the country. We neither support nor practice child labor.

Business Policy

It is our endeavor to provide full VALUE and SERVICES with firm COMMITMENT to QUALITY to ensure high levels of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Mr. R. B. Lahoti & Mr. N. K. Binani