How To Turn Custom Shopping Bags Into Walking Billboards For Your Brand?

Do you wish to promote your business with an exciting, high-quality, and cost-effective product that boosts your brand recall value? Well, a custom eco-friendly tote bag is an excellent way to build brand loyalty, engage with your customers and promote your branding message to a wider audience. And, partnering with a leading custom shopping bags manufacturer can be the key to getting the word out about your brand out there. 

When it comes to business promotion, you have countless option for marketing, advertising, and PR. While some work better than others, certain items may be more relevant than others for your brand. Among the numerous tools available, custom shopping tote bags are an efficient and effective marketing tool. Totes have high utility, are environmentally-friendly, reusable, convenient, and durable, making them a valuable promotional item.  

Wondering how to turn shopping bags from simple useful pieces to walking billboards? Read on. 

3 Cool Ideas To Make Custom Shopping Bags The Brand Ambassadors For Your Business 

  1. Ensure The Custom Totes Reflect Your Brand Identity 

Get your team of designers into action and create stunning artwork that depicts your brand or the message you want to convey your audience through the totes. Make sure you incorporate your brand logo, design elements, and colors into your branded bag design. This way, anyone who sees the shopping tote bags will be able to connect the totes to your business. 

You can even include your website address and social media handles on the totes for prospective customers to engage with your business. 

2. Highlight The Eco-Friendliness & Sustainability Of  Your Totes 

A majority of modern consumers have a favorable opinion of an advertiser if they distribute environmental-friendly products. If you are an ecological brand or if your business has set environmental objectives, eco-friendly shopping bags will remain true to your green beliefs. Partner with a top custom tote manufacturer company that specializes in offering reusable totes made out of natural fabrics to make a statement with green marketing. 

When giving your custom tote bags, include a note about why you selected an eco-friendly item as a giveaway and encourage the audience to use products are safe for the planet.  

3. Promote User-Generated Content With Totes On Social Media 

Include a note in your totes and ask your followers on social media to click images with your tote bags. Request them to post the same on their social media handles and tag your brand. Consider creating and using hashtags that customers can use while posting the images. Make sure you feature the best photos on your social media pages. 

Furthermore, you could have social media influencers pose with the branded totes and reach out to their followers. This would create inquisitiveness and enthusiasm about your brand. 

Wrapping Up! 

Custom shopping tote bags serve as a constant reminder of your brand and can elevate your business in more ways than one. Being a renowned custom shopping bags manufacturer, Richie Bags has the expertise to create customized totes that meet the needs of your brand and your customers. Start promoting your business with reusable custom bags! 

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