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When the whole world is screaming for pollution free, sustainable green earth, be the first in setting up an example by way of distributing bio-degradable promotional jute tote bags manufactured by one of the top most Indian manufacturer and exporter, Richie Bags ( and be the leader in your group! Eco-friendly promotional jute tote bags made by Richie Bags are not only hundred percent bio-degradable but are also recyclable and so are environmental friendly too. What’s more, Promotional jute bags are more durable than their plastic counterparts, yet quite cost effective.


Why jute bags instead of plastic bags?

Out of an estimated production of around 600 billion plastic bags that are ‘one-time’ used by people and then carelessly thrown away as trash, only three percent are recycled. This leaves a whopping 582 billion plastic bags that are either turned into landfills where these keep on releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere for umpteen number of years or find their way into rivers, polluting the oceans in the process. No wonder that we come across hundreds of sea turtles that are often found dead after consuming the deadly diet comprising plastic bags. Even whales are not spared in such ruthless plastic related massacres. In March, 2013, a 10-mter-long dead sperm whale that washed up on Spain’s South Coast reportedly consumed 59 different plastic objects consisting mostly of plastic bags. Necropsy on the dead whale revealed that the plastic substances had blocked the whale’s digestive system, resulting in its eventual death. These calamities could have been avoided had people used jute bags instead of using plastic bags.

Jute bags, on the other hand, do not create such massive massacres. These bags are nature-friendly in the sense that when discarded after multiple uses, the jute fibers being part of the nature automatically get absorbed back into the nature.


Jute bags created by Richie Bags spell quality and sophistication

Designer jute bags manufactured by Richie Bags bear the stamp of quality for the following reasons

  • We use one of the best quality jute fabrics that is AZO-free as also REACH, CPSIA compliant and so the product becomes sturdy, durable and user friendly.
  • Our entire manufacturing process is arranged under one roof, ensuring no communication gap in production phases such as cutting, printing, fabricating, stitching and packing and as a result all the operation become fully synchronized to produce only the best.
  • Our workforce is highly skilled in handling jute based products and so produces best quality jute bags.
  • We use high speed state-of-the-art machinery in manufacturing jute bags to ensure quality products, timely delivery and value for money.
  • We conduct continuous research for developing designs and improving workflow


Jute bags manufactured by Richie Bags earn worldwide acclaim

We export a wide array of jute based products such as Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Wine Bags, Ladies Hand Bags and many more to around 25 world countries that include Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, U.K. and USA on a regular basis where these are highly appreciated. Moreover, our jute and cotton bags are widely acclaimed by leading overseas importers, wholesalers, Books and Magazine Publishing Companies, Cosmetic Brands, Multinational Banks, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Food and Beverage producing Companies, Wineries, etc for their bio-degradable quality which is highly eco-friendly as compared to plastic carry bags that are known to carry carcinogenic elements.


Worldwide Participation in Trade Fairs

Richie Bags regularly participates in all national and international Trade Fairs held in India and abroad. For instance, you may visit us at Booth C29 in Hall 10 at Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany during 12th to 16th Feb 2016 and also at F-14/02 also at Hall #8 at IHGF (SPRING) ’16 Greater Noida, New Delhi, India during 20th – 23rd February, 2016


Member of recognized Government bodies

Richie Bags Is a member of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), National Jute Board and many other recognized bodies.

***(Please note that the Trade Fair participation dates have nor been incorporated because of alterations that were integrated last time)

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