Save This Earth, Use Eco Friendly Products To Reduce Carbon Emission

Carbon emission equates to release or spreading of carbon into the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon, incidentally, is a non-metal having two primary forms, such as diamond and graphite, which also occurs in the form of coal, charcoal and soot. Technically speaking, carbon emission means greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions that cause climate change, mostly referring to global warming. As GHGs are usually computed in terms of CO2e or carbon dioxide equivalents, these are also referred to as ‘Carbon Emissions’, especially when reviewed in connection with global warming.

With the invention of machines, such as steam engines during the industrial revolution (18th & 19th centuries), the burning of fossil fuels comprising coal, oil and natural gas has increased immensely, which in turn has increased the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the earth’s atmosphere, contributing to global warming to a great extent.

How to reduce carbon emissions:

While people in developing countries help reduce carbon emissions by way of investing in hybrid cars that uses very little fossil fuel, people in developing countries can also take part in it by way of taking the following steps.

Replace all lamps – Replace all incandescent bulbs or CFL lamps with LED lamps. LED lamps consume far lesser energy as compared to other lighting sources.

Refrain from using your car – when going to work everyday. Take advantage of car pool where several persons can use the same vehicle. This will not only curtail the use of fossil fuel to a great extent but also prevent release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Keep your tires fully inflated – under-inflated tires put extra strain on the engine, forcing it to consume more fuel. Also try to use radial tires and/or tubeless tires that contribute to lesser fuel consumption and lesser release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Use Solar power – instead of electricity generated from thermal power stations. As no heat is transferred for producing solar power, the question of global heating does not arise.

Plant trees – Vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide to a great extent.

Turn off your laptop when not in use – Laptops dissipate heat and so turning it off when not in use will reduce heat dissipation to some extent.

Use energy efficient appliances – When shopping for refrigerators or air conditioners, look for ENERGY SAVER models. These units consume lesser power as compared to mill-of-run units.

Turn off electronic device – Turn off TV, stereo, desktop computers and all other electronic devices when not in use.

Insist on recycling and reuse – of paper, boards, etc which will reduce the amount of garbage, thus saving pollution.

Spread the awareness to reducing carbon footprint – Even spreading the awareness of reducing carbon footprint by word of mouth will help decrease global warming to some extent. It is of course the duty of every social being to engage in this mission so that our lonely planet can recover its lost balance.

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